100 % Pure Idiot Boys Will Be Unleashed On Sept. 26th

Aug 27, 2014-(Nidhi): Directed by Anandd & produced by Captab Entertainments & YashRaj Mittal Films, Idiot Boys shows us through light and emotional moments that how good-hearted guys under the wrong influences loose direction and end up doing idiotic things they would not have done in the first place.

Meet Surmeet & Gaurav Goyal (GG) are sons of two contesting politicians. Even though they are way past their student age, they are still enrolled in their area’s biggest professional college to gather votes for their parents. Election fever is on and Surmeet and GG are campaigning against each other. In the meantime both see Mahi (an N.R.I. girl from Canada) who is studying Law in the same college and get smitten by her.

Surmeet and GG try to woo Mahi in their own silly ways but she does not take their advances seriously. Instead she interacts with them as classmates in today’s age would. Surmeet and GG consider Mahi’s interaction as an advance towards them and think that Mahi is interested in having a relationship.

At a party, both Surmeet and GG approach Mahi and cross the level of decency with her. Mahi rebukes both in public, leaving them feeling insulted and frustrated. Meanwhile, both Surmeet’s and GG’s parents loose the elections and they now unite to “teach Mahi a lesson”.

Surmeet and Gaurav are not bad by heart but taking wrong advice from others and under bad influences do things that put their and Mahi’s life on a roller coaster ride!

Director Anandd said, “No filmmaker in this world can ensure a commercial hit. But as a team we can say that the audiences and critics who really look forwardto a good & fresh story in Punjabi Cinema will appreciate our film.”

Surmeet said, “Film is a platform which is larger than life. I have been a motivational speaker but the reach and amplitude of film is so large that it prompted me to take up acting.” Rammi Mittal added, “With this film, my childhood dream has come true. I got the opportunity to play my character in various flavors. I’m immensely grateful to the director and producerfor considering me suitable for this role.”

Diljott said, “It was an enriching experience playing the character of Mahi. I am hopeful that it would be pleasure for the audiences to go and watch this beautiful film. Need blessings and good wishes.”

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