‘1984-Punjab’-The Next Film By Director Anurag Singh

Sep 14, 2013 (Nidhi): Talking to Young India 24, renowned Director of Punjabi film industry Anurag Singh shares about his upcoming project and the journey till now.

Your background: I was born in Kapurthala city and brought up in Sultanpur Lodhi, Amritsar and Jalandhar. I am a graduate with a degree in Media Arts from Melbourne, Australia. About direction of films then I had never thought of directing and the decision to get into this field was taken quite late in the day when i had almost completed my +2

Tell us something about your upcoming project? The shooting of my new film ‘1984-Punjab’ is under pipeline. I will not reveal much about the project. The actors in lead are Diljit Dosanjh and Sonam Bajwa. The film is based on the events that occurred in Punjab in 1984 and is tentatively titled as ‘1984-Punjab’ which has been a film that I have been willing to make from a long time.

What is your USP in direction? I really don’t know what my USP is as I haven’t analyzed my working style. Maybe it could be that I want to have fun while I’m working and I try and make sure that not just me but everyone in my crew is enjoying while shooting. A family atmosphere is quite essential during the shoot for fruitful results

It is believed that the Punjabi Cinema has observed a drastic growth (revolution) after Jatt & Juliet 1. Do you agree? Revolutions don’t happen overnight. A single film, no matter how big a hit it is, can’t claim to have brought about a revolution. Punjabi cinema had been undergoing a change much before Jatt and Juliet 1 happened. It all started with Mr. Manmohan Singh and then Navaniat Singh and Mandeep Kumar were the next big contributors towards this renaissance. So I or my film cannot claim the sole credit for this change in Punjabi cinema. True revolution will happen when the Punjabi industry becomes organized and fully professional i.e. when we start making films that will be watched and appreciated by the international audiences, when we make films that will be talked about at film festivals around the world, when we can look at a Punjabi film and call it art, then and only then will we be able to call it a revolution

Script or Talent- What is the first reason behind any movie’s success? You need both to make a good film. Bad actors can spoil a good script and big stars cannot make a bad script look good on screen. So you need both to make a good film and if the film is good it is bound to succeed

Your message for the budding directors Work hard, Live to the fullest and follow your dreams…….

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