1st Time Experiences That Bring “Just Married” Couple Closer

Oct 27, 2014: Your first kiss, your first official getaway together, your first dance after marriage, are all very special, happy moments of your life. But these are not all. There are other more first-time experiences that are probably equally memorable but are not happy experiences, although for different reasons.

They can be very scary, but these are the experiences that will bring you closer and make your bond stronger. These are the experiences that set the tone of your relationship for many years to come. Here are such first-time experiences that you should welcome with a smile.

=>First Major Fight Between Both Of You
Your first fight after marriage is always the most charged one somehow. These can often start with words like, ‘you never’, ‘you always’, and can take a foul turn. Always take time to breathe before you say something. If you think you have a valid point to argue about, just put it across sensibly so your partner is not hurt in the process. Once the tiff is over, you both will laugh over it, and come even closer.

=>First Issue With In-Laws
There is always a time after marriage, when girls have an argument with their mother-in-law, or some problem with their father-in-law’s decisions or maybe with their sister-in-law’s attitude. Always be prepared for such issues and handle them with sheer patience and calmness. Never react impulsively and never let these issues act as a bomber between you and your husband. He will definitely notice how you keep things from affecting your relationship with him. Eventually, you will learn how to deal with such experiences, and things will get smoother.

=>First News Of Being “Fruitful”
Soon after you get married, all elders in the family are going to go quite crazy asking you about your baby plans, just accept the fact. But how to deal with these awkward questions? The trick lies in never overreacting and getting into the pressure of things. You can simply say, ‘We are not quite there yet!’, and move on to talk about something else swiftly. Such questions will in fact bring you and your partner closer as you discuss them later.

=>First “Why Did I Get Married” Feeling
Your partner is the love of your life, your ‘one and only’, but let’s face it, at times married life can be crazy. After the mushy, honeymoon phase is over, the feeling of “being married” and all the responsibilities, can suddenly hit you. Especially after the first argument or disagreement, you are bound to feel frustrated about the situation. Just remind yourself of the lovely times you have had so far and why you fell in love. Although times like these can be tiresome, they also make the both of you stronger and better prepared for tougher times in the future.

=>First Encounter With “Jealousy”
Did you spot your partner being over-friendly with one of their friends? Okay, so first things first- act mature and stay calm. If your better half is being friendly, or if someone is being ‘too close’ to your partner, just don’t overreact. Showing anger, doubt, jealousy, or constant insecurity, will only irritate your partner. Either ignore it, or if the person is being too friendly, just say casually to them, “I cannot blame you, he/she is undoubtedly the hottest person in the room!” This shall surely reflect your confidence in your partner and will alarm the other person too.

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