Movie Review: Love Punjab

By YoungIndia

Cast: Amrinder Gill, Sargun Mehta, Yograj Singh, Binnu Dhillon, Manveer, Rana Ranbir.

Direction: Rajiv Dhingra

Production: Dara Productions & J Studio.

Rating: 4/5

Story: ‘Love Punjab’ revolves around a Punjabi couple (Sargun Mehta and Amrinder Gill) who is settled in Canada and is going through a troubled marriage, so much so that they have to consult a marriage counselor. Their only son becomes a victim of their disturbed relationship and the young boy is hit by depression. On a psychiatrist’s suggestion, the family pays a visit to Punjab, India.

On the other hand before their arrival, the boy’s relatives in Punjab transform the village with a huge ‘western’ makeover, while still attempting to hold on to all that makes Punjab great. Love Punjab is a story that will resonate with every Indian diaspora family who work hard at holding on to their roots and ensuring their children grow up with every benefit of the west. It shows you how far a family will go to make their child happy and that marriages can only succeed through love and hard work.

Review: Love Punjab is a film that will take you on a journey to discover your roots and be proud of them. The movie is beautifully portrayed by the director. Rajiv Dhingra manages to have us rolling with laughter in the first half bouncing our way rapid and quick laughs. The film has an interesting storyline, which becomes racy after the interval.

Love Punjab has dialogues you would laugh out and cry aloud both in equal measure, thanks to Amberdeep Singh. Actor-singer Amrinder Gill, after the success of his previous film, Angrej, has done well again. Sargun Mehta is out to create a place in Punjabi cinema and has ‘almost’done that. Yograj Singh, Nirmal Rishi, Harbir has outstandingellent performances.

The music and songs of the movie are already a huge hit. All the songs are beautifully written and sung. Screenplay of the movie is so engaging it will keep you stuck with your seats till end.

Overall Love Punjab is a Paisa Wasool film.

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