A Few Summer Staples To Have Fun In The Sun

May 28, 2014: –Summer is time to get yourself ready for the heat waves. But there are just a few summer staples that you need to follow up on and you’ll be all set to face the daunting sun. A little preparation and a few mandatory rules to follow, and you can have some fun in the sun without holding back. These Are Tips:-

Sunscreen: Given you want that gorgeous tan, but you don’t want to burn your skin in the process, do you? Apply a layer of sunscreen on your skin to protect yourself from the heat waves. Sunscreen not only protects you against sunburn, it also soothes your skin and prevents it from getting blotchy or dry.

Primer: A make up primer is a gel applied after a moisturizer and before the foundation. It also helps keep the make up intact, which is almost crucial in the sweltering heat. Use a primer that has sunscreen and moisturizing agents in it, the benefits go beyond just making your foundation last longer, it also facilitates smooth and flawless skin.

Water: Being hydrated is probably the most important thing during the summers. If adequate fluids are not consumed in their proper quantity, it can cause a lot of distress to your body. Keep consuming some sort of liquids during the heat, either water or juices. This not only helps maintain a healthy blood pressure but also regulates your body temperature apart from keeping you refreshed and revitalized throughout the day.

Moisturiser: In the urgency to protect our skin, hair-care tends to take a back seat. To make your hair look its natural, voluminous best- go simple. For straight hair with a greasy scalp, use a clear shampoo and conditioner. For curly hair, a creamy conditioner is suitable. Also, give your conditioning a break, as the humidity in this sultry climate can dry out those beautiful shiny locks.

Gloss: Your lips need some love and care too. Not applying anything on your lips and leaving them exposed to the heat will leave them dried out and parched. Use a good lip-gloss or balm with SPF and keep re-applying it throughout the day. Drink enough water through the day and apply a lip balm that has moisturizing ingredients like olive oil, lanolin etc.

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