A Good Host Should Possess Presence Of Mind: Ravneet Singh

Mar 26, 2016 (Neha): A show without a good host is nothing. And that’s why anchoring has become such an important part of not only events, but shows on television too. Here we are talking about a guy, who gains a huge fan following through famous Punjabi Channel Mh1’s show “Canteeni Mandeer”, born on February 17, 1992 Ravneet Singh is a super cool host.

He is one of the most spontaneous and quirky anchor of our Punjabi Industry. Ravneet believes in quality of work and loves to Singing, Acting and Traveling. The Artist also shared the stage with B-Town Actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Pollywood’s super star Diljit Dosanjh. Ravneet is one of the charming personality, who mesmerizes audience with his good looks and talent.

We are honored to share with you a transcript of YoungIndia’s delightful conversation with Anchor Ravneet Singh about his life, career & many more………..


YI=> Your background.
I belong to Nangal near Anandpur Sahib District Ropar. We are four family members me, my father, mother and my younger brother. My parents are professors. My schooling is from Nangal. I have completed my graduation from Chitkara University and I completed my post graduation from Panjabi University, Patiala. I have won five state level Gold Medal and also achieved University Colour and University Gold Medal.

YI=> Tell us about yourself.
I am an all time happy person, fun loving and tension free or u can say “DESI PUNJABI MUNDA” 😉 😉 I only believe in god.

YI=> Explain, how you came into the field of Anchoring?
I performed bhangra and theatre the School level, College level and University level. I also participated at Inter-University level. I was selected through an audition for Mh1’s Canteeni Mandeer.

YI=> What kind of Kid were you?
I was like noughty, funny and fun loving.

YI=> So, how do you balance your work and personal life?
There is no doubt about the fact that television industry has become very competitive over the past few years and hence life has become difficult. One has to not only juggle between family and work, but at times, between various projects they have taken up. I make sure that in all this, I don’t compromise on my family. Every Saturday I use to hang out with my friends.

YI=> Who is your Role Model and why?
My father is my Role Model. He made lots of hard work and achived this level today. My parents face many things but today they both are professors. I will try best to best to be like him.

YI=> What is your most Annoying Habit?
I don’t have patience 🙁 🙁 usually I lose my patience very quickly with everything. And this irritates me alot.

YI=> According to you, what Qualities should a good host possess?
According to me presence of mind, confidence is must. A perfect Anchor should balance things while anchoring. Entertainment is the principal factor, it’s significant to entertain audience by different ways by dance, by jokes or by other things. A perfect host must be all-rounder. However, one also needs to be careful and know where to draw a line. It’s not our job to offend anyone. Humour too has its limits.

YI=>What are most memorable moments of your Career?
First one, when I was in Panjabi University, I shared the stage with B-Town beauty Aishwarya Rai during an event of ‘kalyan jewellers’. I have never imagined that one day I shall stand with a personality like her. Second, when I visited my father’s college to shoot an episode of ‘Canteeni Mandeer’ at that time my father appreciated my work and said ‘I am proud of my son’. That moment filled my eyes with tears and we both were became emotional.

YI=> Every TV actor harbors the ambition of becoming a film star. Will you ever give up small screen to concentrate on films?
if interesting offers come which meet my sensibilities, then of course, I will be inclined towards the big screen. However, I will never give up anchoring. And if audience accept me as an Actor, I will definitely do it.

YI=> Don’t you think the show you are hosting requires lot of Hard Work?
I think every work requires hard work. Hard Work plays a vital role for an Artist. Here I want to clear that I have never used Script for ‘Canteeni Mandeer’. This show becomes successful because of our whole team. I entertain about 500 students of colleges in every episode. And really my job needs hard work.

YI=> Your favorite Anchor and Singer?
I haven’t follow any host because if we will start following other person, we will start behaving like them and I don’t want this to happen. I want to create my own personality. And in Singers I like Gurdas Maan Ji and from young generation I like Ranjit Bawa.

YI=> What’s next on your agenda?
Nothing, Right now its only Canteeni Mandeer……life is good, so far.

YI=> Message to the fans?
I only want to say thanku to my followers, who gave me such a good response in 1 year 4 months. Thanks to all for accepting me and in future i will give my best. My show is a family show, We brings family together. I feel happy whenever i receives messages from my fans. Every age group is giving so mush of love and your love is more valuable to me. I am happy that i makes people laugh when they don’t want to be.

YI=> Is there anything else you’d like to say?
Here I want to share something that recently i received a message from one of my fan and he said that “my mother has smiled after long term while watching your show, she haven’t smiled after my father’s death. Now your show makes my mother smiled” and I got tear in my eyes. I am thankful to god, that he has blessed with these qualities. Thanks to audience and in the end a big thanks to YoungIndia for appreciating my work and choosing me for interview 🙂 🙂

‘YoungIndia’ wishing “Ravneet Singh” good luck and bright future ahead.

Here’s one of the Memorable Moment of Ravneet Singh with his father during an episode of ‘Canteeni Mandeer’.

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