Aakash, Anjali & Arjun Caught The Actual Yeti In ‘Everest’

Dec 22, 2014: In Star Plus’ Everest suspecting foul play Aakash and Anjali decide the stay awake that night and vigil on the look out for Yeti. At night as Aakash tries to hide and record movements there’s a shout outside, a loud scuffle and the thud of something falling on the ground.

Anjali looks at Aakash’s unconscious face, in horror. They are joined by the others and Aakash is given immediate medical attention. Dr. Balan examines Aakash and rules out any serious injury and gives some painkillers to Aakash.

Abhyankar is very upset with Aakash and Anjali for their carelessness and risky initiative without taking him into confidence. Nasir tells Abhyankar that they were doing it to help him. The Sherpas give Nasir an ultimatum that they will leave the next day.

A dejected Aakash jumps with joy when Anjali points out at something from his recording of that night. Arjun joins Aakash & Anjali as they dig for a clue in the snow and finally Anjali stumbles upon a bracelet that they saw in Aakash’s recording. While they know who the bracelet belongs to, they decide to search further for all the missing things that were supposedly stolen by the Yeti.

As they dig & search around the snow Aakash slips and falls and to his surprise finds all the missing and stolen things right in front of his eyes in a make shift cave. All their doubts are cleared as to who is the culprit.

Nasir is stunned when Abhyankar shares this information with him. They decide to catch him red-handed and together they reach the cave site and wait in anticipation. And in sometime the figure appears and all torchlights flash at him. A shocked and stricken Sherpa Phurba is caught.

Sherpa Phurba confesses saying that he did it to save Sagarmatha – Goddess Chomulungma. Phurba confesses that the once pure and untouched Mount Everest now gets abused, dirtied and exploited more and more, year afteryear and so he created the fear of Yeti to abstain any more people from coming to Everest and ruining his motherland.

Later Abhyankar tells Aakash, Anjali and Arjun that he is proud of their initiative and courage though they must take his permission in the future.

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