Add Fun To Your Marriage Even After Kids

Apr 16, 2015: If you think its impossible to keep the spark alive in your marriage even with kids then you are totally wrong. By adopting some steps you can add fun & spark to your love life after having kids.

Here are the tips…

=> Give First Preference To Your Relation
Marriage is the backbone of happy family life. When it comes to building a healthy relationship with the spouse it is important that you reciprocate to your partner’s love and affection. Do not forget to give your spouse a kiss when he /she comes back home after a hard day. It will make your partner feel special.

=> Date Night After Kid’s Bed Time
One doesn’t need to leave the house to date her spouse especially when babysitters are expensive. Parents can have a date night even at home after the kids go to bed.

=> Appreciate Each Other
Growing up isn’t fun and being a parent is all the more difficult. Paying the bill, cleaning the house, cooking for the family, making the kids do their home work takes away a lot of time and energy. It is important to thank each other for their contribution to the family. Everybody likes to be appreciated for their hard work and running the house is not an easy job.

=> Commit To Physical Intimacy
Sex is the physical expression of emotional love. Sex is the main reason that can keep the marriage alive and it is never hard to find a reason as to not make love, since we all know that sex makes babies. So just find time for each other.  Here are ‘10 Kinky Tips To Spice Up Your Bed Time‘.

=> Be Positive
Picture him as the handsome guy that you once dated. He is your kid’s father and husband now, but at one point of time he was the person with whom you were head-over-heels in love with. Be positive in your relationship. Never allow your relationship to fade away with time. List those positive qualities in your spouse that you once loved so much.

=> Have Your Own Life
Don’t forget that you are an individual. Family and couple -time are important, but don’t forget to give up on things that make you feel happy. Emotion is a contagious thing, but it is important to improve your own emotional quotient so that it has its effect on the whole family. So it is time to re-visit those places that made you feel happy like going for a yoga class, sitting in the library for some time, going out with your group of friends who makes you feel happy and a spa treatment. “It is only when you are happy that you can keep your family happy.

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