Akshay & Tamannaah Brings Doggies To The Ramp!

Aug 6, 2014: Akshay Kumar and Tamannaah are busy with the promotions of their upcoming film, ‘Entertainment.’ They adopted a unique method of promotions. The ‘Entertainment’ couple walked the ramp along with dogs!

While Akshay strutted the ramp with two golden retrievers, Tamannaah was seen in a Malini Ramani gown with a lil pooch.

Akshay and Tamannaah are proud pet owners. Akki has three dogs and Tammy has a hybrid between a Poodle and Bedlington Terrier. Akshay said, “Love your dogs and they will entertain you for the rest of your lives. If you have a child at home, I would encourage you to buy a dog or better still, adopt one. Even science has proven that when a child grows up with a dog, he learns how to give unconditional love.”

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