Anti-ageing Exercises For Your Face

Mar 10, 2015: What is the use of perfect figure if you have wrinkles on your face & sagging skin. To get rid of these problems you should go for exercises for face.

Take a look at these anti-ageing facial exercises….

=> For Jawline
Platysma is the muscle that connects your jawline to your shoulders. Loosening of this muscle leads to double chin and sagging skin on neck. Here is an exercise to tone the neck, chin and jaw area.

Do This Exercise:
Stand or sit straight, and tilt your head back as if to look at the ceiling. Hold your head still. Now touch your tongue to the roof of the mouth. You will feel a slight tingling pain in your neck because of the contraction of muscles. Now let go, and bring your chin down to your neck region. Repeat exercise in sets of five, holding your tongue for about 25-30 seconds.

=> Double Chin Reduction
A problem mainly faced by those who are on the heavier side, can become a serious threat later on as they begins to loosen up. Try this exercise daily to shape up your chin and neck. ‘Do Exercise & Get Rid Of Double Chin.’

Do This Exercise:
Keeping your posture upright and your neck erect, press your lower lip over your upper lip. Now, smile and lift the corners of your lips. After this, using your palms, rub the underlying muscle as vigorously for a few times. As soon as you start feeling the hint of strain on your lower neck region, stop.

=> Facial Yoga
This style of yoga helps to tone the muscles of your neck and face. It increases blood circulation and relieves tension from face muscles. The key to face yoga is holding your breath in and then expelling air out in a manner which disciplines your face muscles. Here are ‘Exercises To Reduce Those Ugly Laugh Lines‘.

Do This Exercise:
Stand straight; take a deep breath through your mouth. Puff your cheeks out, while holding the breath in. Hold as long as you can. After this, exhale through your nose. Repeat the procedure 8-10 times.

=> Forehead Repairing
Here is an exercise designed to reduce wrinkles on your forehead. This exercise will help you to find your way towards a smoother and ageless forehead.

Do This Exercise:
This is one of the simplest exercises that you can do anytime and anywhere you want without getting any questioning looks. All you have to do is make a surprised expression. Yes, act surprise to smoothen out the lines from your forehead. Without wrinkling your forehead, widen your eyes as much as possible. Repeat this at least 8-10 times and do it twice a day to see a smoother forehead.

=> Flex Your Eyebrows
Eyebrows loose density and lack firmness with age. Sagging eyebrows would make your face look pale and dull. Escape the fate of aged eyebrows with this exercise.

Do This Exercise:
Use the tip of your fingers to hold your eyebrows from right below your brows. Now, put some pressure on your brows and lift them up and outwards with your eyes wide open. Hold this for at least 5-7 seconds. After this, use the muscles above your brow to press down against your fingers (again for 5 seconds). This will work well on the flexibility of your brows.

=> For Cheeks
This particular workout helps to firm your cheeks. This exercise also helps to eliminate pouches on your face and laugh lines near your mouth. Go For ‘Exercises That Will Slim Down Your Face‘.

Do This Exercise:
Separate your cheek muscles to the corner of your mouth using your fingers. Now, suck your cheeks in and lift your jaw. This will bring out the creases on either side of your face. After this, use both your middle fingers, placing them upon the creases to smoothen the skin. Repeat the movement for 15-20 times.

=> Chew A Gum
Chewing gums actually helps to fight signs of ageing. When done in moderation, chewing gums tend to provide a steady and consistent movement of facial muscles. This helps to keep the facial muscles toned and makes the surrounding skin much firmer. It also helps in smoothing out skin.

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