Arvinder Khaira Completed Hundred Videos With ‘Hornn Blow’

‘Soch’ Is Very Close To My Heart: Arvinder Khaira
Apr 19, 2016 (Neha): The young and talented video director, Arvinder Khaira who hails from Nabha has completed his 100 videos with Hardy Sandhu’s latest track ‘Horn Blow’. Mr. Khaira is a maker of superhit songs like Soch, Jatt Fire Karda, Naa ji Naa, Joker, Saree Wali Girl, Vich Pardesan, Yaari , Rakhwa Kota, Teri Je Na Hoyi, Bapu Zimidar, Deor Bharjayi, Classmate, Att Karti, Paani and many more……..

The director marked his debut with ‘Girls Truth’ by M Safi in 2011. Born on 27th October 1988, Arvinder won Best Video director Ptc Punjabi Award (2013). Best Video Director Ptc Punjabi Award 2015 and Best Video of (2014) Award for ‘Soch’.

His latest video ‘Hornn Blow’ crossed 2 million YouTube views and his 100th video. We are honored to share with you a transcript of YoungIndia’s delightful conversation with Video Director Arvinder Khaira about his life, career & upcoming projects…….

{+} Tell us about yourself……..
I belong to Nabha but my birth place is Khanna (near Ludhiana). My schooling is from ‘Malwa Public School’. I have done diploma in Mechanical Engineering, B. Tech in Computer Science from Lovely Professional University (LPU) and MBA also. We are four family members my parents, elder brother and his wife.

{+} Your Role Model?
Baljit Singh Deo (Punjabi Video Director).

{+} What type of person you are?
I am a workaholic type person. I love my job and spend most of the time with my work.

{+} How did you get into the Punjabi Industry as a Director?
I was so influenced by the direction that from childhood I was very much passionate for Camera, Videos, Photoshop and all. It was clear that I have to something in Punjabi Industry and now I am a video director 🙂 🙂

{+} While choosing a song for direction, which is the first thing comes in your mind?
Music is a major thing because we feel song from music. Secondly theme, theme is the base of song. And third the lyrics, from which we make story. So, over all everything should be clear in the song concept, meaning everything.

{+} We have noticed that you have mostly worked with Hardy Sandhu, Jassi Gill, Maninder Buttar, Ammy Virk and other renowed singers. What’s the reason behind it?
Yeah……. Hardy Sandhu, Jassi Gill, Maninder Buttar, Ammy Virk, Ranjit Bawa, Diljit Dosanjh they all are family to me. I kept on busy with the projects of my close friends; they are close friends of mine.

{+} Your contribution to the Punjabi Industry?
My debut video was ‘Girls Truth’ by M Safi in 2011. After that Jatt Fire Karda by Diljit Dosanjh, Naa ji Naa by Hardy Sandhu, Soch by Hardy Sandhu, Joker by Hardy Sandhu, Saree Wali Girl by Girik Aman ft. Sunny Leone, Vich Pardesan by Jassi Gill, Yaari by Maninder Buttar, Rakhwa Kota by Kulbir Jhinjer, Teri Je Na Hoyi by Jassi Gill, Vigde Sharabi by Jassi Gill, Jatt Di Akal by RanJit Bawa, proposal by Mehtab Virk, Classroom –Kulbir Jhinjer, Muafinama by Vinaypal Buttar, Punjabi by Harf Cheema, Classmate by Jassi Gill, Churriyaan by Jassi Gill, Att Karti by Jassi Gill, Paani by Yuvraj Hans, Hornn Blow by Hardy Sandhu, Deor Bharjayi by Babbal Rai And many more …

{+} We have seen many Directors in song’s videos but we haven’t seen Mr. Khaira yet, why?
I don’t want to act in video songs, I want to do something of upper level. May be a movie with good concept or something else. But that must be of upper level.

{+} If you get a chance to direct a movie in Bollywood/Pollywood. Which actor and actress you will choose?
In Bollywood I will cast Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt and in Pollywood I will choose Shruti Sodhi or Sargun Mehta and Hardy Sandhu.

{+} Your most annoying habit?
Lack of Punctuality, I always gets late to work. This habit really irritates me a lot.

{+} Our Punjabi Industry is growing; do you think our Industry still needs to change?
Yes, our Punjabi Industry still needs to change. We are still lagging behind from Bollywood in terms of many things, we still needs to improve. Being a video director I personally feel the Pollywood needs to change in terms of quality. In quality of Audio and video. And one thing is that Bollywood accepts new experiments by the artists but in Pollywood it’s not like that. We are still hesitating in accepting something new, unique.

{+} Out of the songs you have made, which one is your favorite?
‘Soch’ by Hardy Sandhu, this track is very close to my heart, we have worked on it several times. For ‘Soch’ I have won Best Video Award in Ptc Punjabi Award (2014).

{+} You haven’t worked with Female singer, why?
Yeaahhh….. I haven’t worked with Female singer. Actually I never got a chance to work with a female singer. If a get a chance in future I will surely do it.

{+} Upcoming Projects?
I have several songs to direct in future, one is Sukh-E Muzical Doctorz track written by Jaani music by b praak. Second is Shayar album-2, Upcoming projects also include song of Maninder Buttar, Ranjit Bawa, Ammy Virk and many more………

{+} Message to the fans…………
Listen quality music, appreciate quality work. Try to accept changes because it motivate us, stop criticizing everything. And thank you so much for appreciating my work.

YoungIndia wishing Arvinder Khaira Gud Luck and bright future ahead 🙂 🙂

Have a look on Arvind Khaira’s award winning video ‘Soch’ sung by Hardy Sandhu featuring elegant Himanshi Khurana.

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