Awkward Sex Moments A Couple Should Avoid

Dec 23, 2014: Sex is sometimes hot, sometimes not. But, how about those times when something goes terribly wrong?

From smelly armpits to an unexpected doorbell, there are many awkward moments you might face during sex.

Here are those awkward sex moments, make sure you do not end up trapped in any of them.

=> Body Issues
It is natural to have concerns about your or your partner’s body. However, while having sex, do not let your mind think over size, shape and body issues. It is extremely rude to discuss physical characteristics in bed while making love. So, refrain from getting into a detailed discussion on any concerns related to how fat, thin, hairy, rough or pimply he/she is.

=> Hairy Traps
It is common to feel your partner’s hair in your mouth. Avoid making noises or screaming Yuck! Rather, just take it out discreetly without disturbing the momentum.

=> Technology Trap
Any sort of distraction like television, telephone, email alerts or text messages during love-making can be really irritating. Put all your gadgets on silent mode before getting into bed. If you forget doing it and your phone beeps, apologize to your partner right away. This will make your partner feel that he/she is important than everything else.

=> Stinky
If you discover that your partner is stinking, don’t make a face. Try and adjust to the situation at that time. Later on, discuss it funnily saying, ‘next time its best to try it after a shower.’ Remember whatever you say, say it in a polite way.

=> Strict No-Nos
Farting in bed, dirty talk beyond your partner’s comfort zone or worse would be calling your partner by a wrong name, these are some of the things that you should take care of.

=> Unexpected Disturbances
Unexpected guests at home, unintentional tickling or even falling off the bed are disasters everyone experiences at some time or the other. If you can keep the interest going after such mini troubles, you may start afresh. Otherwise just make some popcorn and indulge in cuddling. These make for perfect memories.

=> No Ex-talks
During or after love-making, it is not right to compare your partner to your ex. Even if he/she asks about your past experiences, politely change the topic. Do not get into details about how lovely or scary it used to be with your last partner.

=> Yawn
This situation happens when you indulge in an unplanned action. After having a tired day at office, sometimes you might not feel like going for ‘it’, but you still say a yes for your partner’s sake. This may result in an unexpected yawn in between the sheets. If you are tired, let your partner know about it, to avoid such mood spoilers.

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