Blunders To Avoid While Making Love On First Night!

Nov 19, 2014: The first night in a wedding is exceptionally special, because you drop all your physical and emotional inhibitions to bond with your life partner in the most sacred manner.

This night is not just about making love. It is about getting to know each other, exploring each other’s emotions, and literally seeing your better half in him/her. However, all that is needed to ruin such a beautiful moment is one wrong statement or one awkward question.

So, make sure that you don’t end up saying something that would turn your first night (especially, if it is an arranged marriage) into a disappointment. Here is a list of things that you should never blurt out on the first night:

=> Do Not Ask About Doing It Right Away
You are all set to make love on the first night, but it is important to know how to ease the awkwardness of the entire situation. Well, asking your partner directly about proceeding to the action is a strict no-no. First, you should try to get comfortable around each other. Start with some small talk. Complimenting your partner, whispering some sweet nothings and resorting to romantic conversations can help you in building the momentum of the night.

=> No Questions About The Past Flings
Your first night is not the time to dig up graves of your partner’s past relationships. This night is about you two, so do not spoil the moment by bringing in a third person. You do not need to know, how your partner’s past relationship was or why it ended? And, asking “Have you ever done it before?” is strictly not required at this moment. Instead, invest the time to create that ultimate moment of love. Just, soak into each other’s company or may be do much more!

=> A Big Fat NO For Money Matters
Money matters are important for a married couple, but it is definitely not a topic to indulge in on your first night. First night is about understanding each other, and not about investigating your spouse’s bank balance details. Also, there is no need for you to jump into wedding budget calculations then and there. Such things will have their own proper moment to be discussed later on.

=> No Talks About Fantasies
If you have any lovemaking fantasies that you want your partner to know about, do not talk about them on the first night itself. These fantasies might add pressure to your partner’s performance anxiety. A first night is supposed to be like slow romantic music, and not some heavy rock metal. So, do not tell or ask about such wild stuff.

Other Silly First Night Blunders
Here are some of the silliest questions that people have ended up asking on their first night. Well, if you really want to spend your first night entangled in your partner’s arms, just stay away from such disasters:

=> Will you be sleeping in the same room? (Are you trying to be funny? Well Dude, this will certainly not work!)

=> Am I better than your ex? (Do you really want to know?)

=> What are your views on life and death? (You just killed the moment)

=> So, who is paying for our honeymoon trip- your parents or mine? (After this, you are surely not going for the honeymoon, honey!)

First night is supposed to be special, intimate and very romantic. Do not ruin your first night by asking ridiculous questions. It is not the night to entertain questions, so either ask them before the D-day or simply keep them for later. Let the night be the memorable one, rather than it being an interview, with a framed question-answer sessions.

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