Boys! To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Naturally Look At Here

Sep 11, 2014: Dark-circles is a major problem in girls & boys. They are caused due to a number of reasons- inadequate sleep, dehydration, hyper-pigmentation caused by over-exposure to the sun, stress, excessive rubbing of the eye, wearing unsuitable glasses, besides age and hereditary reasons. If the circles have already made themselves comfortable on your face, then unsettling them will be a bit difficult.

Here we discussing the natural remedies for boys to tackle this problem.

#) Use Cucumber For Eyes
Cucumbers have natural astringent properties, which makes them a good skin toner. Coupled with its cooling and calming properties, it can work wonders for the eyes. Use a fresh and chilled cucumber from the refrigerator. Cut out thin slices. Lie back, close your eyes, and place the cucumber slices gently over your eyes. After about fifteen minutes, replace the slices with new ones. Continue this for an hour and you will effective results within two weeks.

#) Green Teabags
Green tea is rich in antioxidants and it has anti-inflammatory property too. It compresses tired and puffed eyes effortlessly. Place two green tea bags in boiling water. Once the tea is ready, do not throw the bags out. Instead dry them out and place them in the fridge. Once they are cold enough, take them out. Lie back with your head tilted. Now, place the bags over your eyes and relax for half an hour. Continue this remedy regularly for about a month and see the magic.

#) Almond Oil
Almond oil is useful in treating dark circles. It works effectively in treating the delicate skin under your eyes. Regular use of almond oil softens the skin texture around the eye. Directly apply a few drops of almond oil under your eyes and massage the skin tenderly. Let the oil work its magic overnight and then in the morning wash it off with cold water. You can also mix some honey in almond oil and use that to massage your eyes.

#) Tomato
Tomatoes are magical when it comes to combating under eye skin care problems. Tomatoes have natural skin bleaching properties. Just take a teaspoon of tomato juice and mix it with a few drops of lemon juice. Now, dip cotton balls in this mix, close your eyes and apply it on your eyes. After 15 minutes, rinse it off with lukewarm water. Also, drink tomato juice regularly to eliminate the under eye skin problems from inside.

#) Go For Cold Therapy With Spoon
Nothing works best to rejuvenate tired and puffy eyes than a cold therapy. All you have to do is take a metal spoon and leave it in your fridge for about 20-25 minutes. Now, apply this on your eyes for 10 minutes before you go to sleep. Follow this with an eye cream or a cold cream.

#) Use For Vitamin-Rich Creams
Go for good products, like creams, serums, etc. While buying these eye care products look for ingredients like vitamin E, C, K. Apart from these vitamins, you can also look for Kojic Acid and antioxidants. All of these are key ingredients that help in diminish and prevent wrinkles and puffiness under the eyes. These also help to reduce the discolouration under the eyes.

#) Drink Adequate Water
Water nourishes the skin and keeps it hydrated. Often mild dehydration can cause dark circles to appear. So drink adequate water, at least eight to ten glasses a day. Have lemonade if plain water bores you.

#) Watch what you eat
Go for foods that would nourish and hydrate your skin from inside. Add a lot of whole grains, nutrient-rich vegetables, and citrus fruits in your diet. Go for green leafy vegetables and juicy fruits that would boost collagen production and healthy blood flow in your body. So, eat oranges, apples, salmon, eggs, beans and leafy greens.

#) Find & Treat Allergies
Allergies are often the accomplice in the crime of dark circle raids. The body releases histamines when agitated by allergies, which causes swelling around your eyes. Those people, who have chronic nasal congestion and sinusitis, suffer from the problem of dark circles. So, look out for symptoms and consult your doctor.

#) Revisit Your Lifestyle
Bad lifestyle is the most common cause for dark circles in males. Alter it by: Get adequate sleep for sure. Sleep deprivation for long periods of time causes strained muscles and tissues around the eye. This is the most common cause of dark circles. So, steal away at least 8 hours of sleep. Exercise a little bit daily. Limit the intake of alcohol and caffeinated drinks. Try and stop smoking.
Always apply sunblock while leaving from home. Well guys, a sunscreen is not only meant for girls. You too can find the market flooded with special sunscreens for men’s skin.

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