Director Kuljinder Singh Sidhu Again In The Field With ‘Yoddha’

June 18, 2014, Gurleen Kaur: After historical success of ‘Sadda Haq’ Kuljinder Singh sidhu again in the field with ‘Yoddha’; an action and thrill ‘yoddha’? while talking to us, he revealed- ‘Yoddha’ movie is symbolized as a ‘Modern Day Singh’ who is a common man and after all that things happening around him he’ll turned into a ‘Yoddha’.

Did You Prepare Your Self for This Role?
Yes, because in this movie my look is totally changed; I am the person who has to fight and have to do ‘Gatka’ so many things which will help me to make this role different from my previous role. I took total 7 month for preparing me with all these things; mainly we announced about this movie in September, but that time I need so much time to make me according to role; now the movie is ready so it will blast soon with its story in the theaters.

Why you only chose serious issues of movies?
Taste is also matter so; my taste is only according to that so there should be a kind of message. Seriously if you asked me I don’t like so much and irrelevant comedy. I always like there should be a kind of message in all movies yeah if you want to make a comedy movie so why can’t It should be as like ‘3idiot’.

Your Previous Movie has so many Issues with Censor board, Do you think this movie should also has to face all those issues again or you make this movie according to the censor?
‘Sadda Haq’ was totally banned by the censor or the government but I and my whole team were fight against it because we all know that move has no such kind of issue, we all move to Supreme Court and then after facing all the trouble we won our fight. Now I and my whole team are prepared with all these kind of things because we know on which thing who will act how? So I don’t care I am totally ready for all kind of point of issues again. We are the team, who all against those fake bumbles and worriment.

Kuljinder said, that “I was very depressed that time when ‘Sadda Haq’ was getting in hot water again and again, in behalf of such matter of affair government always put so may complications front of directors like ‘Kamal Hasan’ that time he want to leave India!…………. so on that; I just want to say if our constitution allow us, and we have freedom of speech when why ??? Why? We have to face all these things ?.. ‘Our system is so narrow minded’, there is no place for meaning full and relevant movies. They want all the things according to them, why don’t they put constitution amendment then nobody will make ‘real cinema’???.

It seems that Sidhu is totally disappointed from our system????at end of our conversation he want to convey his message to the audiences and system is to open up the minds and he know our audiences are very intellectual because they all know what is happing around us??.

“Jina pyar saddi film Sadda Haq nu dita, una he hun saddi film Yoddhu nu v davo gaye aap sab da nimana Kuljinder Sidhu”

“Youngindia24 wish him all the best for his upcoming movie”.

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