Easy French Pedicure Tips For Men

Feb 1, 2015: A French pedicure is to pamper your feet with an exfoliation process as well as a clear nail polish application to give toes a natural, healthy, clean appearance.

In today’s society a French pedicure for men has become commonplace. After all, men who care about how they look want their feet to look nice and clean also.

We are here with some easy French pedicure tips for men. Take a look…

=> French pedicure begins by soaking feet in a hot tub of water (at salons, there are usually special chairs with jets in the tubs).

=> After a period of soaking, feet are scrubbed and exfoliated, most often with a pumice stone.

=> Then, a moisturizing lotion is applied to re-energize the skin on the top and bottom of the foot.

=> It is best to wait until your nails have grown out somewhat to make the French pedicure look good. It is also preferable to shape your nails into a square shape to get the line as even as possible.

=> The clear polish is then applied; followed by a thin, strip of white polish at the tip of the toenail. The pedicure ultimately enhances the natural look of clean, healthy toes.

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