Even If You Come With Lesser Albums, Come With Good Ones: Malkit Singh

Jan 30,2014 (Diksha Sharma): Malkit singh is a well known Punjabi singer. He is renowned for songs like ‘Tutak Tutak Tootiyan’ and ‘Gur Naalo Ishq Mitha’. He is also known as Bhangra King and has taken Punjabi Bhangra music into realms which were previously unexplored. He is also honored with a tag ‘MBE (Member of British Empire). Recently when he was here to launch his latest Punjabi music album ‘Sikh Hon Da Maan’, he shared his experiences and views on certain aspects related to music and Sikhism.

What exactly is MBE?
It is an honor given by the queen of London. Keeping in view the amount of charities we did for queen and ‘Tutak Tutak Tootiyan’ being the fastest and bestselling album, I was honored with that tag. Queen chooses about 10-15 people every New Year and award them in different categories. The queen puts up a golden star with her own hands and that feeling of getting honored by the queen is divine.

Your years old songs are still heard at marriages. From where do you bring this freshness?
I try to put maximum energy in my songs. People affectionately call me ‘King Of Bhangra’. So when I sing I try that it is something I can dance to and people can also dance with the song. When there will be a certain amount of energy in your song people will ultimately be forced to get up and dance.

As per your view, what change has occurred in Punjabi music industry?
I take music as fashion. Just like fashion incurs changes with a fast pace just like that music is changing with time as well. I am into this music industry since 26-27 years. The level as well as the market of Punjabi music has become really big. It has become a little more modernized. It just talks about weapons, alcohol and night clubs, which is actually not needed here. But people living abroad still prefer folk.

Now that your new album is released, why there has been such a long gap?
What I think is whenever you step into market you should have something good and unique. Whatever we are recording today is making a history and the coming generation will listen to it as well. Even if you come with lesser albums but you should come with good ones. When I come with a new song, whole of my team puts proper effort and that needs appropriate time.

If you wouldn’t have been a singer, what other occupation would you have preferred?
God sent me here for singing only. If I wouldn’t have been a singer, I wouldn’t have been able to do any other work. I loved reading Punjabi so if I wouldn’t have been a singer I must have been a Punjabi teacher.

How do you like to interact with your fans?
I believe in interacting live. While in a live conversation you get your result instantly. That is the reason I have travelled almost everywhere and sang in around 54 countries worldwide.

If you could meet anyone dead, who would it be? And what would you say to him/her?
That would be my mom. She died 5 years ago and on her 5th death anniversary on 11th January, I released my album ‘Sikh Hon Da Maan’ in London. It was a tribute to my mother. If I get a chance to meet her, I will touch her feet and hug her and say, ‘Mom I Love You’.


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