Everything Is Good In ‘Aa Gaye Munde U.K. De’ Except Neeru Bajwa

Aug 12, 2014-(Nidhi): After a long gap, Punjabi actor Jimmy Sheirgill hits the screen on Aug 8, 2014 with his “lucky charm”, Neeru Bajwa (Jimmy said Neeru Bajwa as his Lucky charm in ‘Tashan Da Peg’ at 9X Tashan channel) through movie ‘Aa Gaye Munde U.K. De’ which is a sequel to hit movie ‘Munde U.K. De’ (2009).

Produced by Sunny Trehan under the banner of Trehan Productions in associations with Yash Raj Films, ‘Aa Gaye Munde U.K. De’ had same star cast as of its prequel except veteran Bollywood actor Om Puri (in sequel) & Amrindser Gill (essayed vital role in prequel), Deep Dhillon (in prequel).

Directed by Manmohan Singh alias Maan ji, ‘Aa Gaye Munde U.K. De’ is a new story with just a few points from sequel. Yes, the story is new but there is nothing innovative about it. The film is a regular Punjabi film- the romantic comedy with a predictable storyline, some nice music and decent performances.

Beautiful actress Neeru Bajwa is playing the role of a college girl Disha. Her strict & stubborn father (Om Puri) is finding a NRI match for her to get married. As he considered NRI’s as more educated, classy, sophisticated, etc. whereas the local boys didn’t stand a chance to marry his beautiful daughter.

Cool dude Jimmy Sheirgill is named as Roop (Roopinder Singh Grewal) in the movie, who falls in love with Disha & it was love at first sight. Actually he only saw Disha’s photograph in the marriage bureau of his friend DJ alias Jugadhi played by comedian Gurpreet Ghuggi. DJ is the best friend of Roop. When he came to know that his best buddy (Roop) fall in love with that girl (Disha) whoz father only wants a NRI match for her, then he decided to leave no stone unturned for the sake of his friend.

DJ advices Roop to behave like a NRI but Roop wants DJ to be with him in the whole act. They both disguise like ‘Munde U.K. De’ & commence their plan. They reached to Disha’s house & gratified her parents. They starts meeting Disha, after some meetings Disha starts liking Roop. But in mid of their plan one of Disha’s friend, Jyoti (Gurleen Chopra), who was in U.K. for four years, came & crash their plan. Disha become very sad when she came to know the truth but when she realise that Roop loves her from his heart, she again start meeting & loving him.

Roop persuade his parents to act like NRIs & go to Disha’s house and meet her parents. Everything settle down & a date is fixed for the engagement-cum-marriage. But then Binnu Dhillon with his reel life wife Khushbu Grewal enters in the story, they act like cousins & also wants to marry Disha for some ulterior motive. When they came to know the plan of Roop and DJ then they demand bribe from them to keep mum.

Roop & Dj ligate Binnu Dhillon in DJ’s office ‘Bye Bye India’. Binnu got success in escape from the office & reached at wedding venue with Khushbu. They properly destroy their plan but Om Puri who loves his daughter very much changed his mind & married her daughter to Roop.

Veteran actor Guggu Gill who always seen playing villains & strict roles is seen doing something new in this movie. His comedy is excellent but at the same time comedy king of Punjabi movies Binnu Dhillon is wasted his acting skills in the movie. Navneet Nishan, playing mother to Roop is decent in her character. Singer/actor Khusbu Grewal looking hot & gorgeous in movie, infact she fails the lead actress Neeru Bajwa. Khushbu did a decent justice with her character.

Neeru is looking regular on screen. Her same dressing style, hairstyle make viewers confuse of her roles in other movies!! She becomes a victim of malfunction with her one of the dress in movie & all thanks goes to her stylist. Her acting is same, expressions are same. Her character has got nothing new than her previous roles.

Jimmy made a strong comeback from this movie. He looks cool on screen. His dialouge delivery & acting is good. He has done a splendid job and his looks have been even better in this movie as compare to his previous Punjabi movies.

Veteran actor Om Puri acted well. Rana Ranbir is fit in his role. His style of saying “scotch” is very funny. Gurpreet Ghuggi is too good with his UK language and entertains the audience a lot with his punches.

The music of the movie is very good. ‘Tere Hi Naal’ by Kamal Khan & ‘Chori Chori’ are awesome tracks. ‘Pasand Jatt Di’ is a good dancing number. Background music is very well attached to all the sequences in whole movie. The movie is a very uncomplicated and clean love story with a nice message.

‘Aa Gaye Munde UK De’ can do much better but Neeru Bajwa’s common style & lack of city-to-city promotions put a full stop on movies performance.

Rating- 3/5

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