Exercise Equipments That Must Avoid At Gym

Jan 18,2015: Most people believe that all exercises equipments are good & safe .Many workout machines do not mimic natural movements and thus post serious injury risks from even the slightest. Some common exercises machines aren’t safe at all (especially for people who have muscle, joint, and health problems). If you want to use these exercise machines, always use under guidance of instructure as these machines are dangerous.

1.Seated Leg Extension:  This exercise strengthens a motion your legs aren’t actually designed to do and can put undue strain on on the ligaments and tendons surrounding the kneecaps. Instead of this you can do one-legged body-weight squats.

2.Behind-the-Head Lat Pull-Downs: Pulling the bar behind the neck puts far too much stress on the shoulder joint.The amount of outward rotation on the humerus combined with pulling it downward has a very un-stabilizing effect on the shoulder joint. The top of the humerus is actually pushing outward and away from the joint, overstretching the tendons and ligaments on the front of the shoulder. Alternative to this is to  pulling the bar down in front of you.

3. Inner and Outer Thigh Machine Exercises:This machine is designed to target the muscles of the inner thighs, and the abduction machine helps target the outer thigh muscles. Using your inner and outer thighs to lift weight while in a seated position puts you at risk of straining these relatively small muscles and aggravating lower back and hip problems.

4. Seated Ab Rotation Machine: This machine is really bad for your spine should just be common sense. After all, your hips stay in one place while your shoulders twist.

5.Roman Chair Back Extension: This machine is supposed to train the spinal erectors but it actually  repeatedly flexing the back while it’s supporting weight places pressure on the spine and increases the risk of damaging your discs.

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