Exercises To Beat Fat Spots

Jan 23, 2015: In our image-driven culture, it’s easy to forget that everyone has something about their body that they don’t like and that an important part of personal happiness is learning to accept the way we look. This being said, if you’re unhappy with the shape and size of your thighs.

Most women have hard-to-shift fat spots that they’d love to lose. Top of the list is excess weight on the hips, closely followed by outer thighs, tummy fat and upper arm fat. While these stubborn bulges are largely down to genetics, our hormones can also govern where we store fat. And hormonal imbalance can be caused by poor diet, stress, environmental pollution and lack of effective exercise. Each fat spot – whether it’s stomach fat, bra-bulge, big thighs and bottom fat or bingo wings – is caused by the action or inaction of a specific hormone.

Follow our guide, which comes complete with a specific “killer” exercise.

{+} Muffin Top: If winter weather has turned your six-pack into a muffin top, now’s the time to start shedding that bulge for spring. This workout combines some of the most effective moves you can do to work deep into your core waistline muscles to develop strong, flat, and pulled-in abs that look great both in and out of your clothes. Combine it with an all-over strength and cardio routine (like our 4 Weeks to Fit plan), and you’ll be zipping up those jeans with ease in no time.


{+} Diet: Stubborn fat feeds off sugar and starch. Cut down on stodgy foods, and eat more colourful fresh vegetables, particularly the green and leafy varieties, and lean protein. Keep blood glucose levels stable. Increase intake of slow-burn, low-GI foods (wholegrains, vegetables, pulses, fish and meat) and cut out high-GI foods (processed foods, cereals, sugar, dairy products, beer, wine, fruit juice and coffee).

{+} Cook With Ginger: it’s been shown to help manage blood sugar levels as effectively as drugs, and with out any of the side effects. And having eggs for breakfast will leave you feeling fuller for longer.

{+} Jogging, cycling or swimming will increase your metabolic rate and burn excess fat in this region. But don’t overdo it -too much exercise can also increase cortisol production.

{+} General Exercise: General strength exercises are the physical exercises that are used in overall body conditioning. They are not directly related to the specific actions seen in a specific sport. The secret to losing abdominal fat is cardiovascular exercise-not crunches.

{+} Back Folds: Back folds are not a positive asset and can cause you to be self-conscious and even uncomfortable in your own clothing, especially in a tight-fitting bra or top. Unfortunately, it is not possible to specifically target the fat in your back and remove your back folds. You can, however, combine a healthy diet and cardiovascular activities with targeted strength exercises to help you to lose excess fat throughout your body and tone and tighten your back.


{+} Diet: Try eliminating grains and refined carbs such as white rice and pasta to see if it reduces fat. Then, slowly introduce unrefined carbohydrates, such as wild rice and quinoa. Boost your intake of iodine and selenium to support your thyroid by eating brown rice, garlic, liver, and onions.

{+} General Exercise: Front crawl, breast stroke and butterfly stroke are especially good for getting rid of bra overhang while Pilates can help strengthen and define back muscles.

{+} Bingo Wings: Bingo wings are those fabby bits of skin under the arm – and we hate them! They make wearing anything sleeveless a nightmare, especially in the summer when it’s too hot for long-sleeved tops, or on holiday when you’re trying to feel confident in a bikini. But if you and your arms have fallen out of love, all is not lost.


{+} Diet: A calcium-rich diet is associated with higher rates of fat oxidation and the acceleration of fat loss. Dairy foods can convert fat stores into usable energy, so stock up on yogurt, cottage cheese, tofu, soya milk. Have a protein-rich breakfast three times a week.

{+} General Exercise: Boxing, body combat classes and yoga -holding the downward dog position, for instance -are all great for working and toning the upper arms.

{+} Thunder Thighs: Genetics are usually to blame for a pear shape but hormones also play a part. The female hormone oestrogen pro motes fat storage around the top of the legs, and many of us are exposed to high levels of both natural oestrogens in water and farmed meat and synthetic versions -chemicals in plastics and non-stick coatings -in the environment.


{+} Diet: Eat more fruit, vegetables and wholegrains as they contain substances which bind to, and help excrete, excess oestrogen. Cut down on alcohol, painkillers and drinks laden with preservatives and colouring agents as these hamper the liver’s efforts to clear excess oestrogen. Eat natural yogurt to boost the friendly bacteria in your gut which help clear oestrogen. Diet every other day. Research shows this helps burn fat and keep muscle. On the diet day you could have green juice for breakfast, lean protein and salad for lunch, and cooked green vegetables and pulses for dinner, with minimum snacks (preferably fruit).

{+} Exercise: Power walking works thighs, calves and buttocks, burns calories and promotes lean muscles. High intensity interval training, with squats and lunges, are an efficient way to tone this area.

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