Fashion Tips For College Guys To Look Stylish

Apr 13, 2015: Style is the latest obsession for every generation, But in the list of generation the college student’s style is on top. College fashion can now be budget friendly too. Some effective schemes can make you a stunner. These tips will improve your loks. One of the biggest challenges that a student faces is the need to look fashionable in a limited budget. There is a need for every student to look stylish So, here some simple tricks that will help you a lot.

(!) Last Season Is Vintage: Never throw away your last season’s clothes There is a myth that last season’s clothes become obsolete the next season. Smartly mix-n-match last season and this season’s ensemble to come up with a new style. Pair your patiala/loose pants/harems with a printed structured top/ganji and add a bold coloured printed scarf with jhola and jootis and you’re ready for a day out. You can add some traditional jewellery that you use during Navratri for an ethnic touch.

(!) Shirts: One of the greatest things about being a guy is how easy it is to dress better and still be comfortable. I know you’re not going to like this, but right around the age of 20, wearing name brand tight tee’s you bought from a place that cranks the bass and smells like a gallon of cologne is not cool anymore. Now, every day doesn’t have to be a dress shirt day that’s too much work and gets boring after a while. A good start would be to upgrade your t-shirts to polo shirts.

(!) Skinny Jeans To Straight Or Relaxed Fit: Similar to the reasoning above–skinny jeans compliment a lanky build. However, once you start adding weight and filling out, those same jeans make you look like an over-the-hill 1980’s rocker and should be switched out with a classic straight fit or if you’re heavier, a relaxed cut.

(!) DIY Rocks: Simply put as Do It Yourself, there are various videos online that give you tips on how a plain old satchel/sling bag can be turned into a bright and cool bag by just adding some simple home elements. From making your own bags to making your jewellery, there’s a lot that one can experiment with.

(!) Running Shoes To Casual Leather Shoes: Unless you’re going to be running, refrain from wearing running shoes. Yes, they are comfortable, but so is the right pair of casual leather shoes. Leather shoes come in a range of prices and builds. We advise staying away from anything that is bright, overly contrasted, or of a style that draws too much attention to itself. Instead, opt for a classic rounded toe in a dark medium to dark brown color. Black is an option as well. As far as styles, lean towards classic and conservative for your first pair, and if you have the funds for a 2nd then look to buy a pair that incorporates a fashion accent.

(!) Plain White T-Shirt: A rugged, but tailored, pair of jeans with a plain, crisp white tee will have women weak at the knees. I don’t know if it is the simplicity or the fact that when white is done right it exudes wealth and classiness. Who knows really? But, add in a new haircut and their usual cologne and you can do no wrong.

(!) No Asics Runners: When we were little boys and girls it was fine. They were neutral, affordable and good support for those gym classes. But now is not the time to throw them out. Just buy a pair with a bit more, what would we call it, maturity. If not, just pick another pair that are plain and preferably dark.

(!) Pick a look you are comfortable with (urban, indie, prep, etc.) and then plan to back off from it a bit. You don’t want to look like you are wearing a costume, but you should still carry a somewhat unique style that you identify yourself by. Don’t fall into style grooves!

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