First Date; Tips For Girls

Dec 6,2014: Here’s a list of dos and don’ts girls could benefit from while preparing for a first date.

For female celebrities, dating is a dangerous game. Apart from the usual problems a girl faces, they also experience serial cheaters, public betrayals and sex scandals. Their tried-and-tested rules of dating in the 21st century are worth the price of gold. For instance, most suggest that girls should always let the guy make the first move. There are also cretain rules for texting-keep it brief, don’t reply to text messages straight away and never text more than twice in a row.

Borrow a few chosen pieces of celebrity advice on preparing for a first date.

Get Busy
No, we aren’t talking about getting between the sheets with him on a first date! Try to keep your life busy. Otherwise you’ll overthink the situation with your new guy. Distract yourself as much as possible beforehand.

Drinks first, Dinner later
Go for drinks, not supper on a first date. You don’t want to go to a swish restaurant and then endure hours of awkwardness till the bill arrives. So, always do a drink test first. If you are getting on well, only then agree to go for supper with him.

Smell Good
Studies show that the way a girls smells adds to her attractiveness. Pack your handbag with perfume and mints. Smell good, but don’t drown yourself in it.

Do overdo the Make-up
Don’t wear lots of make-up on a first date. If looking natural isn’t good enough for him, then he isn’t even vaguely good enough for you. Too much make-up could make you look tarty.

Look effortlessly good
Look good without overdoing it. You don’t want to come across as someone trying too hard to impress her date. On a first date, wear jeans and a cute blouse, or smart trousers with a cool top and heels. Show off your best assets but not all of them at the same time.

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