Fitness Mantra By Jacqueline Fernandez

My fitness regime is eclectic, while fashion mantra is to be experimental, says Jacqueline Fernandez

In a quick-chat with Puma’s fitness ambassador Jacqueline Fernandez divulges her fitness and fashion secrets.


Q. Fitness and Jacqueline are very much synonymous to each other. How do you define fitness?
(Smiles) For me discipline is the key word. To keep fit and achieve a perfectly toned body is something I always ponder. Fitness is something that disciplines both the mind and the soul and not just the body.

Q. How do you relate to Puma and new the launch PULSE XT?
Puma is not just a fitness gear brand, but a fashionable and stylish fitness brand. It is an extremely dependable brand and a workout in their fitness gear ensures that I am ready for the day. Performance and style oriented – the brand fits perfectly with my fitness mantra. Being the brand ambassador for Puma, I trust their apparel and footwear. To be particular about PULSE XT footwear range, I feel is an excellent pair for any kind of workout.

Q. What does fashion and style mean to Jacqueline?
Fashion is not just about a statement that needs to be made, but is about being comfortable in one’s own skin. Fashion and style to me is also a form of self expression with confidence.

Q. How do you interpret your personal style?
I would describe my personal style as Experimental. I like the variations of style.

Q. What is Jacqueline’s fitness regime and how far being close to nature in terms of fitness is important to her?
I have a very eclectic fitness routine and I am very flexible with my workout. I create my own workout and prefer getting my workouts done in the morning. I love booking classes when I am travelling abroad as well. Fitness is all about feeling good. If you stagnate in your training, you tend to go nowhere. To benefit from your workouts you need to figure out what your body enjoys and what you can have fun with. My body loves Pilates and I do Yoga as well. I don’t like kick boxing. A good trainer tops my priority list.

Q. Your fitness mantra?
Eat well. Sleep well. Work out and pamper yourself once in a while.

Q. What is your take on the need for women fitness?
We should just embrace ourselves and learn to know and love our body and work out on the needs, only if we feel the need, otherwise there is no stress.

Q. Fashion and fitness style tips?
Don’t be a fashion victim and just be you. Eat right and always make time to work out either at the gym or even at the comfort of your own house.

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