Gaurav Kakkar Is The Most ‘Kameena’ In ‘Mere Yaar Kaminey’

Dec 25, 2013: ‘Mere Yaar Kaminey’ is another comic Punjabi flick to be released in coming first week of January. As the name suggests, the movie is of three ‘kameena’ friends who live their life with utmost
happiness, fun; studies together, marries together and deals with all ups and downs in life together.

In a short chit-chat with director Munish Sharma and the star cast in Jalandhar recently, the former reveals, “The story is of three childhood friends who stay together and enjoy their life. Out of the three, Gaurav Kakkar is the most ‘kameena’ who puts other little kameena friends Inderjit Nikku andKaran Kundra in trouble etc for fun sake. After their marriage, they plan to have a re-union and then how things mess up there is what audience needs to visit cinema halls. It is a complete family entertainer.”

On asking his take on the questions aroused about the link with B-town movie Grand Masti and this movie he says, “This is why we have cleared that it is not Masti or Grand Masti , this flick is the father of all these movies.”

This means the vulgarity quotient would be much higher than in Grand Masti? Quick was Munish’s revert, “No, you will observe that there are no cheap dialogues. No vulgarity! We have kept the entire film family oriented. Everyone would related their at least one life’s moment with this movie.”

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