GJIMT Organized Fun With Food Activity Representing Culture Of Different States

Mohali Oct 5, 2016: Gian jyoti Phase -2 Mohali organized fun and food activity at its campus .25 students & teachers cooked food which represented different culture of cuisine of India. Each group of prepared dishes according to a theme like Punjab, Himachal, Rajasthan, Gujarat, south Indian states etc. Some students prepared regular meal, mocktail, dessert or snack items .Culinary and attires chosen by the students were also representing their chosen state.

It was a kind of small India where various culture cuisines etc. were witnessed under one roof citing the example of brotherhood. The main reason to organized this activity plan was to support eat well and be active every day. Jagvinder Thakur got first position in this competition whereas Ritika got second position .Richa & Isha received third position.

While speaking at the moment Chairman GJIMT J S Bedi said that eating well and being physically active every day go hand-in-hand to improve physical and mental health and vitality. According to him for Corporating healthy eating and physical activity into everyday living helps individuals achieve and maintain a healthy body weight and image, improves energy, promotes growth and development, increases and maintains bone and muscle strength, and prolongs independence during old age.

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