‘Goreyan Nu Daffa Karo’ Is A Must Watch Movie

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Cast: Amrinder Gill, Yograj Singh, Amrit Maghera, Binnu Dhillon, Aman Khatkar, Rana Ranbir, Karamjit Anmol, Sardar Soni, Terence Winkless & Raja Bath in cameo

Direction: Pankaj Batra

Production: Suresh Kumar, Monty Shoor, Sukhjinder Bhachu & Aman Khatkar

Rating: 4/5

Story: Kala alias Amrinder Gill is the younger brother of Roop aka Aman Khatkar went Canada & fall in love with a Canadian girl. In Punjab Kala helps his grandfather Najjar Singh, character essayed by Veteran actor Yograj Singh, in farming & other works. Najjar Singh is the head of the village & hates white people. He wants to take revenge from them. His elder grandson Roop wants to marry that girl Julie. When Roop came to know this he seeks help from his younger brother.

Kala puts all his best possible efforts & took his grandpa into the confidence with wrong ways. He made his grandfather ready to fix the marriage of Roop with Julie in one & only order i.e. when Albert (played by Canadian actor Terence Winkless)- father of Julie apologize in front of the whole village for those acts which his ancestors had done to Indians.

Kala continuously makes plans for the sake of his brother. He lies for the good cause. Julie’s father Albert arrived India along-with the friend of Julie who already belongs to Punjab named Alisha aka Amrit Maghera. Kala by hook or by crook managed all the things & marriage of Roop & Julie get fixed.

In another phase Kala also fall for Alisha. Najjar Singh with his family went to Canada for the marriage. On the exact day of marriage both Najjar Singh & Albert came to know the actual truth that Kala didn’t tell them. Najjar Singh wants Roop to settle in Punjab with his wife but Albert desires the vice-versa. In end due to an accident Albert & Najjar Singh realise that nobody is black or white. Everybody is same & finally Roop weds to Julie.

The lovestory of Kala & Alisha also faces problems. Alisha’s mother thought that Punjabi guys are not good. She wants that if Kala wants to marry her girl, he should settle in Canada . But Kala refuse to do so & return to India without Alisha. His elder brother Roop pleads to Alisha’s mom & she become ready for the marriage. She sent Alisha to Punjab to settle with Kala. In last Kala & Alisha got married & live a happy life with their grandfather.

Review: The very much awaited Punjabi film ‘Goreyan Nu Daffa Karo’, directed by Pankaj Batra who earlier directed Naughty Jatts & Virsa and produced by Suresh Kumar, Monty Shoor, Sukhjinder Bhachu & Aman Khatkar, recently released on 12th of the September.

It is a fully-entertainer film in which two love stories stuck between the two countries, the hostile behavior of the people of old generation belongs to the era when Britishers take over the Indians. But in last everything is settled by the young blood of the both countries.

The lead couple Amrinder Gill & Amrit Maghera properly do justice with their roles Amrit fully fits in the role of Alisha. Her acting, dialogue delivery, expressions are excellent. she has done a decent job. Amrinder Gill throw a powerful performance after the ‘Daddy Cool Munde Fool’, which was his last released film. It we talk about Yograj Singh you can’t even feel that he is an old person. He carry his role very actively. He looks much dynamic. Aman Khatkar done justice with his role. His acting is up to the mark.

Binnu Dhillon got 100% success to tickle the funny bones of his fans in the role of Mann Saab. His acting, dialogue delivery, everything is super. Rana Ranbir also done the same job very well. He carry his character with the gun 😛 properly. His acts make you to laugh. Karamjit Anmol & Sardar Sohi looks Ok Ok in the film. Yes, they play their given characters very well but they had little to do. Terence Winkless played his part very well.

Pankaj Batra carried the story very well. He define each & every character & scene perfectly & done a terrific work. Dialogues, direction, concept, locations, screenplay everything is perfect. Jatinder Shah done tremendous job with Amrinder Gill while giving the music to the film. The song ‘Pyar Tere Da Asar’ sung by Prabh Gill is very heart touching. ‘Laazmi Dil’ is the another track by Amrinder Gill which is a pick. The title ‘Goreyan Nu Daffa Karo’ is itself a cherry on the top of the cake.

‘Goreyan Nu Daffa Karo’ also gave a message to those who wants to earn more money in little bit of time by running to the abroad i.e. in western countries everybody have to work for long hours. From children to old persons everybody work, only then they can manage a livelihood there & this message is conveyed through the conversation of singer Raja Bath & Binnu Dhillon. Yes, Raja Bath do a cameo in the film. He performed very well.

Overall ‘Goreyan Nu Daffa Karo’ is a must watch movie 🙂

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