Harmful Effects Of Over-Exercising

Jun 12, 2015: Exercising is good for health for obvious reasons but overdose of it is surely harmful. The negative effects of over exercising can be physical and emotional. A person may see deterioration of their personal relationships as a result of their compulsions and frsutrations or failure at work or school.

But you should realize that the sad thing about over-exercise is that it brings you more harm than good. So, it is important to recognise the signs of the negative effects of exercise.

Here some points that will show you how overtraining can cause health problems.

(*) More Prone to Injuries:  When you exercise excessively your body becomes more prone to injuries. Muscle soreness is very common when exercising a lot. Your body needs to rest. If you exercise a lot, it can lead to strained

ligaments and tendons. These put your bones at risk for fractures. Too much exercise can also harm your body tissues.


(*) Failure at Work & School: Work or school takes a back seat in your life plan. Exercise becomes your number one preoccupation and priority. You wish you were working out while at work or at school. You find it hard to concentrate on the tasks at hand if you fail to get your daily dose of exercise


(*) Muscle Mass: You tend to lose muscle mass and your body suffers from nutritional deficiency. You curb your body’s need for nutrition by excessive exercise and dieting, which can have an adverse effect on your overall health.


(*) Heart Failure: Moderate exercise is prescribed for a strong and healthy heart. However, exhaustion from too much exercise can actually weaken your heart. You increase the damage to your heart if you also do not have proper nutrition.


(*) Weakened Immune System: When you exercise a lot your body’s immune system weakens. You get more prone to viruses and colds. Exercise affects your body and leaves it exhausted. Furthermore, your weakened immune system is not efficient enough to kill bacteria or other illnesses.


(*) Amenorrheap: People who over-exercise end up losing too much body fat. When this happens to women, it can lead to a loss of menstruation. When this happens over a prolonged #time, she can become infertile.


(*) Eating Disorders: People who are addicted to over exercising and have just weight loss in mind are prone to developing various eating disorders. Disorders like bulimia and anorexia can affect these people because the main cause for these disorders is compulsive exercising.


(*) Insomnia: A healthy amount of exercise can help promote better sleep. However, you can experience trouble sleeping or insomnia if you work out too much. #Exercise puts your body in a state of stress. In this state, your #body releases cortisol. This chemical keeps you alert, thus making it hard for you to relax and sleep.


(*) Sleeping Disorders: People face this problem because their body feels very tired, lethargic and drained out. They have difficulties in sitting still. Everything seems heightened and the body aches because of excessive exercise.


(*) Cessation of Menstrual Cycle: Many studies show that female athletes who face extensive training suffer from bone loss. This state is called amenorrhea and if it persists for a long time, then it is difficult to cure. Other factors like changes in diet, excessive weight loss and stress.


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