Hey Grooms Ready To Get Soft And Irresistible Beard

Dec 1, 2014: Men portray a bearded look due to a number of different reasons. While some keep it because it complements their face, others because they feel it is a sign of masculinity. Many men fancy keeping a beard these days just to stay at par with the latest trend of sporting facial hair. Well, whatever be the reason; if you have a beard, then you must know the tricks to maintain it as well.

Especially if your wedding is around the corner, then as a groom-to-be you cannot make a scruffy appearance if you wish to impress your lady love. So, maintaining a soft beard becomes all the more essential for you. Let us help you out, and tell some useful tips on how to maintain a nice and soft beard that she would find irresistible.

1. Shampoo Your beard: Shampoo your beard at least twice a week. This will keep your beard soft and shiny. It is advisable to not use your regular shampoo on your beard. Buy a good beard shampoo from the market, as they are especially made for being used on facial hair. Apply the shampoo with soft hands and massage it in rotational motion. Leave it on for some time and then rinse it off with lukewarm water.

2. Apply Conditioner:Just like you use a conditioner on your hair after applying shampoo, implement a similar logic to your beard. Beard conditioners are now selling hot in the market, so get one for yourself. Conditioners moisturise the beard and make it more manageable. This also helps in keeping your beard soft and improves the quality of your facial hair.

3. No Leftovers Please : Make sure you rinse your beard well, after shampooing and conditioning it. Leftover shampoo and conditioner can not only leave your facial hair dry, but also lead to irritated skin. You can also comb your beard away from your face to make sure that all the residues are removed. After this, use a soft towel to dry your beard gently and allow it to air-dry.

4.Nourish Your Beard: Mix coconut oil, almond oil and olive oil in equal quantities, and add a hint of warm honey or a few drops of milk cream to this mixture. Prepare a paste and once it settles down, apply it on your beard. Leave it on for 25-30 minutes and then wash it off. Apply a cold compress after this procedure to close the skin pores. Finally comb your hair with bristle brush to discipline the stubborn and standing strands of facial hair.Coconut and olive oil are known for their healing properties and they will also keep your facial hair moisturised. Almond oil will condition and soften them further.

5. Powder Treatment : Get some orange peels and make a fine powder out of it. Mix it with a cup of regular milk to form a paste. Use this on your beard, and make sure that you have covered the entire surface. Now wait for about an hour. Once the paste form a thick crust, wash it off with warm water. You can use cold compress after washing if off, if you want to. Continue this routine for at least a month and you are guaranteed to benefit from it.

6. Apply Face Wash : While applying face wash to your face, ensure that you clean your beard every day properly. This will remove the harmful dirt particles that so lavishly nest in your beard. Also, washing your beard regularly will improve the texture of your beard, making it lighter and softer.

7. Shaving tips : Apply some warm coconut oil to your hair before shaving. This will soothe your beard.Use a good razor and shaving cream. Also, make sure you change your razor once in every three months. As you are shaving your beard, make sure that you rinse out the residue from time to time, otherwise it will close the pores and cause irritation. Trim your bread every now and then. This will benefit you with an even beard growth. Also, as new hair will take place of the old ones, it will make your beard softer and finer.

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