How High Heels Affect Your Body

Jan 20, 2016: We ladies spent most of our lives wearing high heels to work. it make you elegant but side by side those stlist high heels put reverse effect on your body.

Here are some ill effects of high heels on your body, just in case you aren’t aware of just how detrimental these fashionable accessories can be…

>> Lower Back Pain
High heel shoes are created with fashion in mind and not comfort. There is usually a lot less support in heels than in running shoes or even sandals. The constant pressure on the balls of your feet causes weight distribution to be less even and lower back pain is often the result. Nerves can also become stressed in the lower back because of the odd posture held when wearing high heels.

>> Foot Pain
The shape of high heel shoes is meant for holding the foot in a particular position to benefit your appearance, not provide comfort. Resting all your body weight on the balls of your feet is going to cause considerable pain after awhile. Walking around on the balls of your feet all day also tends to create yellowed areas on the bottom of your feet that remain sore even after the high heels are removed.

>> Sore Calves

This ill effect does often pass once you get used to wearing high heel shoes. However, daily use of high heel shoes not only causes sore calves, but also protruding veins in your legs. Once veins begin to stick out from your legs, they don’t usually tend to go back in. This can create some unsightly looking legs for a woman who once prided herself on having nice looking legs. This is something to keep in mind when wearing heels on a regular basis.

>> Sprained Ankles

You have listen many sprained ankle cases that are caused by wearing high heels. The world is a very uneven place. There are pot holes, cobblestone roads, air vents, drainage grates, and so many other things that are just waiting to latch onto the pointy tip of a pair of high heel shoes. Besides ankle sprains; think about the broken ankles, bruised knees and elbows, and even the occasional concussion caused by wearing high heels. They almost seem a bit dangerous, don’t they!

>> Affect The Natural Curve Of The Spine

The lower back becomes even more arched than usual when you wear high heels. Also, the higher the heels are, the more the lower back has to arch to keep you positioned upright. If you don’t spend a lot of time walking around in high heels, then you might not notice how curved these shoes cause your back to be. This extreme curve is also a contributor to back pain in both the lower and the upper region.

>> Constrict Blood Vessels
Many styles of high heel shoe are shaped to make the foot appear very long, thin, and rather elegant. The shape of the shoe squeezes the foot into an unnatural position, thus constricting blood flow and sometimes even causing blood vessels to break. I personally don’t relish the thought of having aching feet with bulging blood vessels purely for the sake of fashion.

>> Crooked Feet

Those ladies who spent all their time on their feet in high heel shoes have poor misshapen feet in their old age. This crooked appearance was all due to years and years of wearing high heels to work. They had not only crooked feet, but also achy ones most of the time, due to the misshapen bones.

If wearing high heels is unavoidable due to your work, then you might consider the following tips which can help to lessen the harmful effects of wearing high heels…

>> Before and after you put on your high heels, do simple stretching of your leg muscles.

>> Remember the higher the heels you are on, the more negative impact it will be on your body. As a general rule of thumb, select shoes with low heels – an inch and a half or less – and a wide heel base; a slightly thicker heel will spread the load more evenly. Narrow, stiletto-type heels provide little support and three inch or higher heels may shorten the Achilles tendon.

>> Wear soft insoles to reduce the impact on your knees.

>> Make sure your shoes are the right size so the foot doesn’t slide forward, putting even more pressure on the toes. Pick a shoe with a wide enough toe box to allow you to wiggle your toes.

>> Always buy your high heels in the afternoon when your feet are at the largest. So that when your legs expand, the shoe size is just nice and over-cramping of your toes can be avoided.

>> As much as possible, do not go for high heels with the pointed-toe design. This lowers the risk of developing bunions.

>> Get shoes which come with leather insole to prevent the foot from slipping.

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