How To Tackle The Problem Of Rashes On Inner Thigh

Aug 23, 2014: The first thought that comes to mind when a person observes an inner thigh rash is an “STD infection”! However, this is rarely the case. Mostly such rashes are caused due to sweat or bad clothing.

Rash on the inner thigh can often be a very discomforting condition to deal with. It can make sitting and walking quite difficult. To help you understand the reason behind this, here are the symptoms and causes of the skin disorders which generally cause rash on inner thighs.


Breathlessness with allergic reaction
Pain and discomfort while walking
Redness in inner thigh area
Burning sensation
Blisters in certain cases


A person can get rashes due to profuse sweating, mostly during summers. Also, a person who has fat thighs has more chances of getting sweat rashes. It occurs mostly along the folds of the skin. One can develop rashes in the inner thigh area from a workout involving running and due to poor hygiene as well.

Due to heat, or heat combined with humidity, a person has a higher chance of getting heat rashes or boils. The possibility of developing thigh rashes in such weather conditions is high due to the increased sweating.

Bad Clothing
Clothing made of synthetic material or having tight-fitting elastic that rubs against the skin can give a person rash on the inside of thighs. A person can also develop allergic reactions to dyes or chemicals used in clothing and get such rashes. Children using diapers often develop diaper rash.


Many people prefer home remedies more than medicinal treatment procedure. Some natural ingredients present at your home can definitely prove to be a reason of comfort while you suffer from such physical condition.

People experiencing itching due to inner thigh rash must think how to eradicate the sensation of itching. You can use talcum powder so that the moist level is down.

It is better not to wear under garment for some days till the area gets healed. You can wear long skirt instead of trousers without wearing underwear so that air can pass and reach that area to provide soothing effect. It is better to welcome cool air more than hot hair as the healing procedure reaches its brim. You can use hydrocortisone cream in that area so that inflammation is reduced in that area. You must be very comfortable in wearing cotton fabric You can also use cool packs in either side of groin.

Aloe Vera gel will be very effective in providing soothing effect to the area where rashes mingles. You can get it directly from Aloe leaves.

You must have talcum powder readily available at your home. This can be applied in your inner thigh where rashes have formed. Since, this powder dries out sweat from individual’ body, rashes gets a soothing effect.

You can get some ice cubes from your ice tray of the refrigerator and apply them in every two hours.
Individual can get relief from the problem of rashes once they wash their inner thigh with chamomile tea. Since, it is a natural ingredients to reduce irritation, treating rashes will be possible.

A powerful mixture of Vitamin E and cod liver can be applied in the area where the rashes have formed. After applying this for two – three days, you can easily get the rashes removed from your skin.
If your rashes have formed due to allergic reaction, apple cider vinegar will be very effective. You can take a mixture of apple cider vinegar and honey and apply this twice or thrice in a day.

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