I Am A Big Fan Of Charanjit Singh Ahuja: Dr Zeus

Jan 22, 2014 (Diksha Sharma): ‘Dr Zeus’, a renowned name in the Punjabi Music Industry tagged as ‘Baap Of Music’ by the youngsters these days came into limelight for producing music for the albums ’12 Saal’ sung by Bilal Saeed, ‘Judaa’ sung by Amrinder Gill. Dr Zeus is a Birmingham based music producer and his real name is Baljit Singh Padam. Recently he was the talk of the Punjabi music town for the release of his album named ‘Judaa 2’ sung by Amrinder Gill. While talking to YoungIndia24.com, he shared some some insides of him and his career.

Why and how did Baljit Singh Padam turn into Dr. Zeus?
Baljit Singh Padam is my real name. Zeus had been my nickname since starting and when I wanted a unique stage name I took the name Zeus and added Dr in front of it. People living abroad can relate to the word Dr more.

These days, what kind of music are people more inclined towards?
Well this is something what the audience is supposed to know. Even when we experiment with a new genre, it works and become utterly famous so you never know what will touch the audience. I try to make tracks for people, for the youth. Whenever I produce music for a new song, I make sure that it is something with which the youth can relate to. They constitute the biggest share of listeners these days.

Who was your favorite singer when you were younger?
There has been no-one specific. I liked many of them but out of the Punjabi music directors I am a great fan of Charanjit Singh Ahuja. He is one of the finest and the most talented music directors in Punjabi Music Industry. His videos are worth watching every single time.

What is your most annoying habit?
My most annoying habit is that I get stressed out very easily. Petty issues make me stress out many a times. If I can change something in me, it would surely be this habit. Actually I am trying to live in a bit relaxed way now.

What is your most favorite word?
The one word that I keep chanting is ‘Bless’.

What kind of a kid were you?
I was like this normal kid who was equally naughty and simple at the same time. I never did something extraordinary in my childhood.

Which is that one song you never get tired of?
There was this one song named ‘Layi v na Gayi’ from the movie ‘Chalte Chalte’ starring Shahrukh Khan and Rani Mukherjee that I love the most. It is sung by Sukhshinder Singh. I can listen to this song a thousand times.

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