Chit Chat With King Of Action “Jashan Nanarh”

Mar 14, 2016 (Neha): The Director, Producer and Writer who is famously termed as an Art filmmaker who loves dark and real concepts. An actor is just a part of a movie, but director – he is the movie. Here we are talking about the young director “Jashan Nanarh”. The maker of Suer duper hit songs like…. Gunday No. 1, Tayari haan di, Vaar Bhagat Singh, Gunday Returns, GoBabyGo, Ishq kacheri, Boofer, Insomnia, DilDarda, Jatt Jaan varda and many more………

Jashan Nanarh in conversation with YoungIndia shared about himself, his upcoming projects & many more. Take a look below..


YI=> Your Background?
I am from Sangrur. We are four family members. My parents are government employees, my sister is married and she’s a government lecturer.

YI=> How did you get into the Punjabi Industry as a Director?
In early days of studies i used to design posters after that slowly I practiced to operate photoshop. Slowly I moved on and now I am a video director.

YI=> Tell us about yourself?
I am an all time happy person. Only at the time of work I use to be serious, otherwise every time I use to laugh, kidding.

YI=> Your favourite Singer?
No, personally i don’t like any singer. I judge singers only on the basis of nature, performance and standard of lyrics.

YI=> While choosing a song for direction, which is the first thing comes in your mind?
Firstly, the song must be meaningful, it should be start with a meaning and also end with a meaning. Secondly, song must be simple, it shouldn’t be show off. Last and most important lyrics must be perfect.

YI=> What about acting debut in Films?
Yeah! I will surely do movies but concept must be different. I don’t want to work on the concept of comedy. I want to do something different and if ,I get a chance to direct movie, i will also do it.

YI=> Do you have any embarassing moment?
Yes, i do have 😀 😀 when I made my debut with the song “Sheesha” at that time my budget was too short and I was unable to cast model in the song. I requested the singer to bring model for the song. He cast a new face, at the time of shoot, the model came with her faience and we did hardly shoot two or three scenes and after that the model’s fiancie and the singer faught with each other 😛 😛 and in the end the model gone and we did whole song without model. But after the release audience didn’t recognized it.

YI=> What is your most annoying habit?
Irritation, and mostly i do my best when I am irritates.

YI=> If you get a chance to direct a romantic song, will you do it?
Yeah….. I will do it. Actually I am fed up of doing action. Now i want to try something unique.

YI=> You like your Studies or Direction the most?
I like Direction the most. I am doing Engineering but I rarely do studies.

YI=> Upcoming Projects?
Track of Sukhee and Armaan Bedil and Yo Yo Honey Singh’s first sufi song.

YI=> Your Role Model?
Ranveer Singh, He is a perfect person. He acted in six movies and in all the six movies his character was different and instead of this if we see Ranveer Singh in any Advertisement or Award function there also he is different, that’s why i like him.

YI=> Things you love except Direction?
I love travelling and my favourite visited place is Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.

YI=> Do you think our Punjabi Industry needs to change?
Yes our Industry needs to change but our Punjabi audience needs more to change. Whatever we are performing is only an Entertainment, we don’t want to harm your sentiments. Please don’t take our songs so much serious. We use to work on a song for months, its our hard work. It can be a joke for you but not for us. We only need love and support from our audience not more than that. We are doing which is perfect in today’s scenario 🙂 🙂

YI=> Out of the songs you have made, which one is your favourite?
Much awaited song by Sukhee and Armaan Bedil, which will release soon.

YI=> Message to the Fans?
I only want to say that, listen good, support good. Stop criticising everything.

YI=>Anything else you want to say?
Yes, Recently i heard saying people that Jashan Nanarh focuses only on Action songs. But here I want to clear one thing that only Jashan Nanarh can make Action Songs 8| 8| My upcoming video that is the track of Sukhe-E and Armaan will rock the floor and no one in the Industry could make video like this, damn sure 🙂 🙂

YoungIndia wishing Jashan Nanarh Gud Luck for his future.

Here’s his recent song……….

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