I Am More Confident With My Films Now: Anushka Sharma

Mar 30, 2015: With NH10 working well as a first-time venture, producer Anushka Sharma’s beaming. Has the film’s success changed her? “I am more confident with my films now and somehow, I have become more responsible towards my work”, she says, only to add cheekily, “But I always have been responsible, haven’t I?”

The actress and first-time producer Anushka explains why she always knew NH10 would work and discusses her upcoming productions…

=>> You’ve taken multiple risks as an actor. NH10 must have been one. With its success, are you in a happy space now?
I never saw NH10 as a risk. Call it gut feeling, I always knew this film is going to work. It’s high on content and in terms of genre (thriller), I thought that people would enjoy something like that. There was no fear about it working or not. My only fear was that if it did not, I’d still be making such films, but it would also mean that people aren’t ready to see such films. I would like to make such films in the future as well. NH10 has proven that these films do have a wide audience today. The kind of numbers the film did over the first weekend, establishes my faith in my own conviction.

=>> Has NH10’s success eased things for you?
It will definitely be much easier when we work on our second project and our next few films. We’ve got the credibility we wanted as a production house and people now know that we know what we’re making. Working with people like Navdeep Singh and Sudip Sharma gave me a high and we already have a couple of scripts we are working on. In spite of being an A-list actor, my only hope was that once NH10 did well, it would be much easier to put out a film like it again.

=>> Your brother played a big hand at encouraging you to turn producer…
The production house is totally my brother’s brainchild. Even before NH10 happened, we’d been collaborating with Navdeep and Sudip and I think we make a great team. We are like-minded people and we appreciate the same kind of cinema. My brother’s been a huge part of my career. He has been a huge part of me deciding to do the films I did (or didn’t). He voices his feelings better because it’s a normal person’s awaaz. He isn’t from the industry and he gives me the best advice always. He’s like a brain – he gets what I want and is very good at developing projects. On the working front, it’s been great working with him. It has been awesome how we divided the responsibility between the two of us. With Navdeep and Sudip, we’d definitely like to put up few more projects which are not run-of-the-mill projects. It will be very hatke.

=>> Will you be acting in them as well?
Not necessarily. We have one project – a much smaller film. I won’t be acting in it because it does not require me at all. It does not need somebody like me in the film. Then, there’s another film I might be acting in. So it depends. Cutting corners or taking the easy way out by saying that ‘Main hi har film mein act kar leti hoon’ is not what we are going to do. Jahaan pe zaroorat hai, wahaan act kar loongi.


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