I Have Tried To Spread The Message Of Love And Happiness In ‘Dil Vil Pyaar Vyaar’ Says Gurdass Maan

Apr 25,2014 (Nidhi): As kids, we often wrote imaginative pieces on what would do if we became the prime minister. Taking a cue from that practice and in view of the Lok Sabha elections, celebrities to list out their plans and priorities while imagining themselves in the shoes of an MP.

Who is your favourite politician, and why?
The one who will do good deeds and bring a change for good is my favourite.

Which politician do you think is most well-dressed?
Many politicians in today’s era carry themselves well and wear matching accessories and bright colors, which is quite good.

What would you wear as an MP?
There’s a saying: “Jahan safaai, vahan khudai (cleanliness is indeed next to godliness).” If I have to lead the nation and clean the dirt affecting it, then it is important to dress up in elegant clothes. A leader should have a good dressing sense.

What would be your work timings as an MP?
I am not a time-bound person. I believe in working hard, for even 24 hours a day. Work is worship; time doesn’t count.

Would you want personal security?
Security tan Rab he de sakda hai, hor koi nai (Only God can give security, and no one else). The way I love people, I’m sure I won’t need any security, as I wouldn’t want to put them to any inconvenience because of it.

What would be your USP as an MP?
Politics is a deep science that one should study before applying. It is not my cup of tea but if I were a leader, I would practice my religion of humanism the way I do now. I have a dream that all religions and castes should live in peace. I will spread love and brotherhood and make our country a blissful place to live in.

Which Bollywood actor would you rope in to campaign for you?
Bollywood celebrities are crowd pullers, no doubt, but why spend on inviting artistes when I can use that money on solving the issues affecting the common man.

What will be your pitch to connect with the youth?
There is a child inside me and I pray that it always stays there. I have a beautiful connect with children because I become a child to understand them. I would tell the youth to do whatever their liked but stay within limit, never hurt the loved ones, and believe in hard work, as there is no short cut to the success. I’m sure my love will help me connect with them.

How would you inspire the youth to go out and vote?
Desh vich jad vi kraanti aayi hai, youth hee leke aaya hai (whenever there has been a revolution in the country, the youth has brought it). Only they can make a difference again. Go, use your right to vote to make a good change.

A message you would like to give the youth?
Being an athlete, I’d advise the young generation to participate in games to channelise their energy in a right direction and to keep fit and healthy. The youth are spoiling their health for the habit of drugs. They should understand the health is wealth and their future is doomed if they don’t change their path.

What will your election slogan be?
Vote deyo shaan naal, desh bachao Maan naal (Vote with pride, save the nation). What would your election symbol be? Even in my upcoming film, ‘Dil Vil Pyaar Vyaar’, I have tried to spread the message of love and happiness. Also when I sign an autograph, I draw a smiley inside the Punjabi letter symbolising G. My symbol would be one that makes people smile.

Four issues you would like to raise in Parliament?
Every youngster should be well educated and the education system should be reformed to focus on quality. The youth need to be strong, awakened, and encouraged to say no to drugs. I would promote outdoor sport to channelise youth energy. I would work to create employment, for if the youth are busy, they stay on the right path.

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