I Want To Change The Face Of Punjabi Music Industry: Amber Vashisht

Feb 25, 2016 (Neha): We see so many music artists coming up every day in Punjabi industry. Some of them have made it big by becoming playback Singers in the music industry. This list includes ‘Amber Vashisht’, the king of melodious voice.

His debut track was ‘Akhiyan Nu Akhiyan Ch’ from movie ‘Jatt & Juliet 2’. His second track was ‘Dil Roi Janda’ from movie ‘Mundeyan toh Bachke Rahin’ and the third was ‘Coffee Shop’ from movie ‘Happy Go Lucky’. The singer also nominated as the best play back singer in PTC film awards 2013. Also, he is the youngest artist who stepped into the music industry as a play back singer in the age of 20. Mr. Vashisht is trending among youngsters specially in girls 😛 😛 . His latest track ‘Ik Supna’ crosses 6 lakh views on YouTube.

We are honored to share with you a transcript of YoungIndia’s delightful conversation with Singer Amber Vashisht about his life, career & upcoming projects…….


(!) Your Background?
=> I am from Ludhiana and belong to a Hindu Brahaman family known as vashishts. My schooling is from Sanatan Vidya Mandir, Ludhiana and I had completed my higher studies from “Lovely Professional University” in course of Bachelors In Performing Arts (Music).

(!) Tell us about yourself…….
=> I am of happy go lucky type nature. I have faced many things, now even the major problems seems minor.

(!) Your favorite singer?
=> From Bollywood I like Sonu Nigam and from Punjabi Singers I like Amrinder Gill.

(!) Your Role Model?
=> My Dad, I want to become like him.

(!) If you get a chance to sing in duet, whom you will choose?
=> Harshdeep Kaur (an Indian playback singer known for her Sufi songs. After winning the titles in two talent reality shows).

(!) Could you tell us about your training in Music and how you decieded to choose singing as a profession?
=> I have never taken any singing training. I was so influenced by the music to an extent that in childhood I spent all of my play-time rehearsing my favorite tunes and this is how I have developed my vocals. I choose this profession because I have been very much passionate for music from my childhood. Firstly I am good listener and whenever I listens songs I goes deep into it.

(!) Which type of Music you love personally?
=> Basically I love Smooth music and R&B i.e. Rhythm and blues.

(!) Out of the songs you have sung? Which one is your favorite?
=> I like “Ik Supna” the most, it’s a latest track and I have worked on it about six months.

(!) Things you love to do except singing?
=> I love travelling the most, sometimes i wonder whether i love singing or travelling 😛 😛 I also like nature. Like others I also play cricket. I like dreaming, I love to hangout with my friends.

(!) Upcoming Projects?
=> I am working on a Single track, which will be release in between two months.

(!) Is there any reality in ‘Ik Supna’?
=> Yes, ‘Ik Supna’ is a real song.

(!) Any message to your fans out there?
=> Firstly, Thanks for your love and support. You made me what I am. Our team tried something unique in terms of music, in terms of video also and you all loved it. I want to change the face of Punjabi Industry.  Like other Punjabi songs we haven’t used cars, we haven’t tried other techniques. From my songs I want to make changes in our industry. And from my fans I only need love and support so that I can work like this in future also.

(!) Is there anything else you’d like to say?
=> I only want to say that, when I sung ‘Akhiyan Nu Akhiyan Ch’ from movie ‘Jatt & Juliet 2’ at that time the response was good but public relates it to Superstar Diljit Dosanjh. But in “Ik Supna” there is no established model, no famous lyricist penned the lyrics, no renowned director helmed this project, inspite of all this ‘Ik Supna’, got such a wonderful response from the public. It’s an achievement for me, this response was unexpected. Our team work made this track successful. And in the end thanks to all my listeners 🙂 🙂

‘YoungIndia’ wishing “Amber Vashisht” good luck for his bright future.

Here’s his Mesmerizing song ‘Ik Supna’……..

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