I Will Fight The Abdalis Of Punjab & Tughlaq In Delhi With Mamata: Jagmeet Brar

Chandigarh- Nov-24-2016:  In a surprise move, Former MP & Lok Hit Abhiyan convenor Jagmeet Singh Brar today joined the All India Trinamool Congress and has been appointed the President of the state unit.
This announcement was made earlier today in New Delhi by TMC Vice President & MP Mukul Roy after Brar’s meeting with Mamata Banerjee yesterday on the sidelines of her demonetisation protest in the capital yesterday.

The maverick firebrand politician had been in touch with Mamata Banerjee for the past few months and his recent decision to extend unconditional support to AAP in Punjab was a part of this initiative according to Brar. He said “I had extended my unconditional support to AAP in Punjab after due consultation with Mamataji and my decision to join the TMC is also part of a larger initiative to build a National Alternative – I will fight the Abdalis of Punjab with Kejriwal and the Tughlak of Delhi with Mamataji”

Brar clarified his position on his equation with AAP and said “Neither i nor any of my supporters had joined AAP – we had extended our complete support from the outside and had chosen not to join AAP formally to avoid any chance of confusion or insecurity among their cadre. Our aim was and will remain the removal of Akalis and Congress from Punjab because until this disease is cured the state cannot revive – We put Punjab first, and it will always remain first for us; we are not Siyasi Saudebaaz like some who have aligned to serve themselves – with full authority at my command i am confirming that my supporters have joined the TMC with me and TMC will campaign and support AAP 101% in 2017”

He also added “A detailed campaign plan will be drawn up soon and I will request Mamataji to visit Punjab and campaign for AAP and make the bond of nationalism and public service stronger between TMC and AAP”

Speaking on the initiative from a national point of view he said “Sirf Baaton Se Taqleef Ka Hal Nahin Aata; Strong and decisive leadership is a must and that is why leaders like Mamata Banerjee, Nitish Kumar, Arvind Kejriwal and friends from other parties must come together to give India an solid alternative to the dictatorial government of Delhi like they are coming together to remove these criminals from Punjab’s government”

In conclusion he said “Mamata Banerjee gave the slogan of Parivartan & Ma-Mati-Manush and fought like a tigress in Singur & Nandigram; we will take her message to every corner of Punjab & India and work for Change and for the mothers, farmers and youth of Punjab. She has given Punjabi and Sikhism the due respect it deserves in Bengal and people will see her love for the revolutionary spirit of Punjab when she visits Punjab very soon”

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