I’M Turning Into A Vegan: Sunny Leone

Oct 17, 2016: Sunny Leone, a vegetarian, says her doctor has told her to stay away from alcohol, dairy products and spicy food.

“(I am) not well and my blood needs to be purified from infection and there is too much heat in my body,” Sunny Leone, 35, posted on Twitter. “So I’m drinking special bad tasting tea.”

“Sad morning! My traditional Chinese medicine doctor has told me – no caffeine, no alcohol, no dairy, no meat (I’m veg so that’s fine) and no spicy food.”

“I believe in traditional Chinese medicine and I guess its God’s way of telling me I’m turning into a vegan, no alcohol… Caffeine… No toxins,” she added.

Sunny Leone was last seen in the film Beiimaan Love, directed by Rajeev Chaudhari. The film also featured Rajniesh Duggall.

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