Indoor Date Ideas For Couples In Winters

Jan 14, 2015: Winter is one of the romantic and fun seasons to celebrate your love. But in winters, going out for a date with your beloved might seem less likely to you, owing to the chilly weather outside.

Winter season plays the spoilsport for couples who are left with no other option, but to stay indoors. But don’t worry, why let winters affect your love life?

Here are some cosy ideas for you to heat up the cold winter days with your partner by staying at home.

=> Indoor Picnic
Just lay out a plush blanket, throw some cushions around, and stuff your picnic basket with your favourite food items. You can even dim the lights and put on some soothing instrumental music for a cosy date with your lover. If you want, you can even play some romantic songs and dance with your partner.

=> A Movie Date
If your partner is a movie buff, then plan a cosy movie night for him or her. Pick up your partner’s favourite movie, grab a blanket, bowl of popcorn, and watch it together. You can even plan a themed movie marathon, where you can watch back-to-back thrillers, rom-coms or movies of any other genre. You can go for scary movies, which will help you get a little closer to your love.

=> Cook Together
Winter is all about hot coffees, warm brownies, cakes, cookies, soups and what not. So, invite your partner for a cook-and-bake date and make some winter delicacies together. Help each other in the kitchen with the ingredients, and things like chopping or whisking. And while your partner does the work, you can simply hug him/her from behind and whisper naughty things in their ears.This will surely add extra flavours to your food.

=> Indoor Game
Playing an indoor game is the best way to spend some quality time with your partner at home. Depending on your choice, you can choose any game you want to play, such as chess, ludo, carrom board, etc. Video games or PSPs will also be a good option for indoor games. This will surely race up the excitement level and you can also promise a special treat to your partner if you lose a game.

=> Couple Yoga
Couple yoga is another great idea to spend some quality time with your partner indoor. This way you can not only get some time to spend with each other, but partner yoga can also helps in strengthening your relationship. Here are ‘Yoga Poses For Couples To Boost Their Relationship‘.

=> Hot Water Bath
In this chill weather, nothing can beat the idea of taking a hot bath with your partner. You can book an appointment at a local spa together for hot oil massages or a couple’s steam bath. You can even try this idea at home. Fill your bathtub with hot water and relax yourself with your partner after a cold and chilly day. Few candles, a bottle of champagne, and scented oil and soap, will surely set a romantic tone for the evening.

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