Inspire Your Child To Be A Lifelong Learner

Jun 27, 2015: The job as a parent is not to teach your kid everything you know, but rather to encourage them to do things quickly you have to inspire your child for lifelong ledarner.

As we all know some of us have grown up to develop a great hand at cooking while some have developed a fond love for adventure and travel.

Our childhood learnings and experiences have indeed made us who we are today. If you are looking at sparking a drive to learn and grow in your child, it’s better you start now than later.

Here some ways from thatyou can inspire your child to be a lifelong learner.

>> Don’t Rely Only On Classroom Material – To be able to give your child a holistic view on various subjects and concepts, it is important that you give him an early exposure to different sources of information.

In addition to what your child learns in the classroom, you must also make sure he absorbs new and interesting insights from other books, videos, and audio material. Not only will this encourage him to gain in-depth knowledge on various subjects, but will also improve his understanding and retention of various theories and topics that form a part of his curriculum.

>> Surround Your Child With Books: Reading is a universally appreciated activity. There’s a clichéd story about a kid who spends his afternoons getting lost in libraries.

For many people, this is the story of how they became avid readers. A library card, therefore, is one of the best gifts that you can give to your child. With millions of books in circulation, there’s a book for everyone.

>> Support Parental Involvement: Support Parental Involvement In Their Child’s School throughout All The Years Of Formal Education: The evidence is beyond dispute: parent involvement improves children’s attitudes toward learning and helps to motivate the children to be successful in school.

The form of involvement does not seem to be as crucial as that it be reasonably well planned, comprehensive, and long lasting.

>> Instilling A Love For Learning: Most researchers agree that it’s important to steer clear of threats or punishment as a way to motivate academic achievement. While threats and punishment may get results in the short them, they can negatively affect the students relationship to academics in the long term, undermining a student’s sense of autonomy vis a vis their academics.

Whenever possible, attempt to motivate students by helping them build feelings of competence and mastery. In the 21st century, students will need to be lifelong learners, so it is all the more important that we foster in them the love for learning from an early age.

>> Appreciate Achievements – When you reprimand your child for his wrong doings, you should also make it a point to appreciate him for his achievements. Common wisdom suggests that too much praise can contribute to a child’s heightened sense of self-worth, but all of us need a few words of encouragement; especially our kids. Praising your child’s achievements will help him gain confidence in his abilities, encourage him to work harder and harness his skills.

It is essential that the atmosphere you provide to your child is conducive to learning. Surround him with thought provoking books, games and movies that contribute to his IQ, as well as his EQ, alike. Practice model behavior for him to ape and learn from. Be the constant pillar of support and encouragement to your child and watch him grow up to be a mindful, well read and learned adult.

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