Its Time For Pregnant Ladies To Become Trendy & Stylish

Sep 11, 2014: It is said that becoming a mother makes a woman feel complete. So, as this beautiful dream turns into a reality for you, why not accept it whole-heartedly and flaunt it fashionably?

Now you should throw the thoughts of dressing up in loose and ill-fitted garments out of the window. Its time to accept new trends and styles. Take a look at the tips to flaunt your baby bump with fashionable elegance..

Right Colours
To accentuate your curvy and fuller figure further, without looking chubbier, it is best to opt for dark colours like black, maroon, navy blue, etc.


Choose Right Top
Coming to clothes, let us start with the most important and most commonly used piece of garment- a top. It is always best to choose tops that enhance the bust line, which would make you look more curvaceous. Pick out tops with longer sleeves as they would make those flabby arms disappear. Empire-line kurtas and baby doll tops look fashionable and chic. Such tops flare-out near your stomach and help you to camouflage the bulges. You can also go for layers to camouflage certain areas. Remember, it is best to pick tops that are comfortable, airy, and fall below the stomach.


Go For Maternity Pants
Maternity wear is not always ugly. Fashionable maternity jeans with expandable waistline is easily available these days. These make you look comfortably stylish. Expandable waistline works perfectly well even as you sit down. You can even go for fashionable dungarees, which would also provide support to your baby bump.


Wear Right Shoes
Avoid stilettos during your pregnancy. Wear nice and comfortable pumps and ballet. Style them according to your outfit. Colourful and trendy sneakers are also a great option.


Done The Fashionable Skirts
Just like jeans, the maternity skirts would also make you look fashionably sexy and beautiful. Keep your wardrobe stocked with some versatile colours like brown, ash, grey, black. Such colours gel well with every occasion. You can also go for printed skirts.


Bold & Beautiful Dresses
Wear nice knee-length dresses in dark shades that are slightly airy around the mid-section. Tunics are one of the best style statement for all seasons. Long sleeves and deep neckline will help you to highlight the right places only. You can also go for kaftans as they are classy and comfortable. Nice and light makeup to go along with the dress makes you look as fashionable as a happy mom-to-be can look.


Look At The Accessories 
You can accessorise your look with beaded neckpieces and large hoop earrings. This would add an extra oomph factor to your dress as well. Accompany it with a simple yet trendy watch and a complementing clutch, and you are absolutely ready to go.


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