Kiss Day: Know The Different Types Of Kisses & Their Meanings

Feb 13, 2016: Today is the seventh andfinal day of Valentine week ie ‘Kiss Day’. A kiss can tell a lot about a couple and their prospective romance and all you need is a kiss can tell a lot about a couple and their prospective romance.

It is said that a kiss defines the soul and one can really identify the person by his/her way of kissing. You people must be thinking about different types of kisses and how to go about it.

So, this Kiss Day: Know The Different Types Of Kisses & Their Meanings

=> Kiss On The Ear – I’m Romantic:
One of the most romantic kiss is kissing on the earlobes. We do not really think we need to even say much about it. But we can only say that let your tongue create the magic and you try to be more hot and passionate. Kissing on neck indicates that he/she is way too romantic.


=> Kiss on Forehead – Forever You Will Be Mine:
Kiss on the forehead makes one feel quite blessed. It is way too romantic which symbolizes deep affection and lot of trust. Forehead kiss shows the deepest implications of love, affection, loyalty and lots more. Forehead kiss simply means that he is comfortable with you and indirectly says that he/she is forever yours. Forehead kiss is soft and full of elegance. This type of kiss makes one feel really safe and it indirectly shows that your partner cares for you and does not want to lose you at any cost.


=> Kiss On The Cheek – We’re Friends:
Kiss on the cheeks is a way to show that someone really likes and adores you. This type of kiss is generally given at the time of first date which shows the polite gesture. A sweet and simple gesture of showing that he is considers you his/her friend.


=> Kiss On The Hand – I Adore You:
Girlfriends usually love when their guy kisses them on their hands as it indicates that he really adores her. One of the best feeling which one can get. When your man grasp your hands and kiss the back of the palm it symbolizes that you are adorable, passionate.


=> Kiss On The Neck – We Belong Together:
Kissing on the neck is one of the amazing things, one can get. It indicates that your partner totally belongs to you and will never leave you. This type of kiss will definitely raise your expectations and we are quite sure you won’t stop till you reach at the satisfaction level. We just hope you do not reach to that level and keep on enjoying this kiss.


=> Kiss On The Shoulder – I Want You:
Couples who are quite close and in deeply love with each other express their love by giving or receiving kiss on their shoulder by their partners. It indicates that you are wonderful as a person and he/she is quite passionate about you. Kiss on shoulder is quite passionate and you are really lucky to have a partner who desperately wants you.


=> Kiss On The Lips – I Love You And I Want You Desperately:
Passionate and raw kiss which takes their love to a totally different level. Lip to lip kiss starts a bit slowly and then becomes really romantic and ends on a satisfaction note. Better be perfect in this type of kiss and you need to express your deep emotions with this kiss. If your partner gives you lip to lip kiss, its a green signal that he/she loves you and wants you desperately. Lucky you.


=> Kiss On The Foot – Trying To Seduce:
This type of kiss is quite romantic as the male partner tries to seduce her ladylove that too in a lazy mood. Kiss on the foot is quite soft, gentle and way to romantic. Mostly the male partner tries to nibble at his toes and starts kissing softly on the lower part of the his partner’s foot.


=> Kiss On Te Belly Button – Playful Mood:
Most erotic types of kisses which will bring you in a naughty mood. This kiss is quite playful as one partner playfully tickles the belly button of his/her partner and uses soft tongue movements which brings both of them really close to each other. In this type of kiss, speed plays a vital role. So, be quick and a bit hard.


=> Kiss Anywhere Else – Ahem Ahem Lets Not Get Carried Away:
This type of kiss actually starts from forehead and never ends. This kiss includes romantic elements such as sensuous, seductive and ignites the chemistry between the two. Begin your beautiful journey with aggressive kiss and we are quite sure this feeling will definitely help you and your partner to give away one of the best kiss at right time.


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