Make Your Writing The Best With These Simple Tips

Jan 6, 2016: Are you fed up of your writing skills, you know all of about it but don’t know how to represent it on a paper. Here we will help you, make your writing the best with these simple tips. Read below the tips that you should keep in mind while writing:

{+} Read & Understand The Topic: Firstly read and unrstand the topic and then move further. Before starting to actually write, one should always read the topic carefully and understand it well. At times, we tend to glance though the keywords and start penning our thoughts. Read each and every word of the question/topic with full concentration, and understand the purpose of the topic.

{+} Organise Your Thoughts: Secondly collect your thoughts, After you have completely understood the topic, stat organising your thoughts, before jotting them down on paper. Think of all the examples that you can relate to it; everything that you have ever read or heard about it. Recollect facts in your mind, any quote or proverb that you wish to insert; think it all before hand.

{+} Provide It A Shape: Thirdly provide it a shape, The next step involves providing a structure to your thoughts. Write an impressive introduction; opening sentences are important. Then provide an authentic body to your article/answer by adding figures or certain relatable everyday instances and finally write a conclusion. Use good vocabulary, however do not complicate the content.

{+} Follow Brevity: Fourthly Follow brevity, This means using concise and exact words. Be clear and crisp in writing. After you have written the first draft, cut short unnecessary sentences and words. Even if details are required, use apt words.

{+} Edit: And the last one is edit, This is the time to play with punctuation, and rectify errors etc. Polish your content. Read the entire passage/answer, carefully. It always helps by highlighting mistakes that we might miss while writing; certain spelling issues and grammatical errors can be corrected.

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