Makeup Tricks To Get Big & Beautiful Eyes

Nov 17, 2014: Gorgeous eyes can make or break your look; especially when it comes to the functions that require you to look pretty all the time. But not everyone is blessed with big, gorgeous eyes.

However, girls with smaller eyes need not worry, as we have some easy tricks to create an illusion of big, bold and beautiful eyes. These can come handy especially when you are planning to do your own makeup.

=> Two Colours
Making your eyes look bigger is all about creating an illusion. You can use two shades of the same colour for your eyelids. This will add a whole new dimension to your eyes, making them look stunning and of course bigger.

=> The Doe-eyed Look
This look is absolutely perfect for brides as it makes you look coy and beautiful. Now, to get this look right, you must concentrate the eye makeup on the middle of your lash lines. Keep the colour focused on the highest and the lowest section of the eyes to get a wider illusion.

=> Well-Groomed Eyebrows
Your eyes cannot look beautiful if your eyebrows are bushy. So, get the shape of your eyebrows right before going for any eye makeup. Use a stencil to mark the places that need to be plucked or trimmed if you are doing it at home. If you are going to a salon, ask the person to follow the shape of your eyes and pluck the eyebrows accordingly. Your eyebrows should complement the shape of your face and if your eyebrows are not very thick or dark, use an eye pencil to give the brows more definition.

=> Double Mascara
If you do have large eyes that are slightly droopy, they might give a pale and dull look. Such eyes need enhancement. For this, apply two coats of mascara on your upper eyelashes with a wand that has angled bristles. This will lift up your lashes, making them look big, bright and beautiful.

=> Light Eyeshadows
Eyeshadows that are light in colour, when applied on the inner corners of your eyes along with a white eye pencil, can instantly give an illusion of bigger eyes. Apply your eyeliner as far as your crease extends on the eyelids to enhance your eyes further. This look is perfect for the morning and afternoon wedding ceremonies.

=> Invest In A Curler
Invest in a good quality eyelash curler for your wedding to enhance your lashes and make them look long. Start at the root of your lashes and slowly shut it three times. Move it all the way to the midpoint and then repeat this procedure till you are satisfied with the curl. Use the curler a few times before the function to ensure that your eye lashes look natural and don’t end up badly crimped. Eyelash curlers can be slightly scary if you are not confident. So don’t hesitate to take help from someone who uses it regularly.

=> Kohl
Your makeup is incomplete without kohl. Soft kohl pencils can help emphasise the hood of your eye and make them look stunning. So make sure you use it liberally.

=> Colour The Lower Eyelids
The easiest way to enlarge your eyes is to apply a shimmering eyeshadow around your lower lids. Lighter hues for the morning ceremonies and a darker colour for the nights are recommended.

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