Master Saleem Making Debut As Music Director

Oct 2, 2013 (Nidhi): Master Saleem, who is known for his best hits as a playback singer in Bollywood flicks like Hey Baby, Dostana and upcoming click Agent Lucky through which he is making his debut as a music director, interacts with YoungIndia24

Your Background: I’m from Shahkot near Jalandhar .Born in the family of famous Sufi singer Ustad Puran Shah Koti. Blessed with the musical voice by the grace of God. I am very close to my parents and always think family comes first .It was due to the blessings of my parents that I have reached this level.

How did it all start? At the age of six I started learning music from my father who is my Guru and source of inspiration .Then At the age of 8 I gave the first public performance at the opening ceremony of Bathinda Doordarshan with my song “Charkhe Di Ghook” and released my first album at the age of 10 years. And thus Journey started and sung many Devotional and Bollywood songs. Now I am working with many Punjabi and Bollywood movies and as music director ‘Agent Lucky’ movie is my first movie whose songs and script is written by Gaurav Bhalla

Music for you is: For me music means communicating with God .It is a two way process in which I am the sender and my god is the receiver.

How much time you devote to Riyaz? Riyaz is very important for any singer .It is for honing you vocal as well as instrumental skills. It is practice to nourish your voice and best time is in the morning .I do it two times one in the morning and then in the night.

Do you write Lyrics for Your songs? No, I select songs of those writers which touches my heart and which can be listened while sitting with family.

Do you try to provide a message through your songs? If so, what sort of messages? Definitely, Songs are the best medium to send any message in the society .My song like “Ma Tu Sacch Much Rani Maa” in which importance and value of mother is highlighted .Then in some songs the helplessness of the girls are expressed like “Odhe ghar V Bhen Bhara Te Mamme ne,Ohdi Jind nu V lakh Siyape ne ,Jad mere to door hovegi Ohvi Tutke choor Hovegi ,Eh Nai ke used dil Vich Magroori Hovegi ,Os Kudi Di Vi Koi Majboori Hovegi”. So directly or indirectly my all songs have some message or feelings are expressed.

Your interests: I love photography and playing cricket

Your Favorite cuisine: Makki Di Roti ,Saag and Mirch Da Achaar love it. Any causes you stand for I am always ready to extend my support for any social cause related to women and children. I am really moved when any such incident is seen or heard related to girl .Delhi gang rape really touched my heart and till now I feel sorry for that Nirbhaya .I pray that her soul rest in peace but we should join our hands to stop such crimes in the society.

Message for the aspiring singers: Always write, listen and sing good .In this way we can keep our culture intact too. If one is blessed with talent of singing, why not to use in the right way. Be Honest with your work which always rewards you at the end

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