Meet The Renowned Punjabi Sufi Singer ‘Satinder Sartaaj’

Jan 20,2014 (Nidhi): Satinder Sartaaj, the renowned Punjabi sufi singer presents himself in real life exactly the same way he presents himself on screen. The Punjabi mainstream attire Kurta-pyjama along a chadra is what he clad himself in. ‘Sartaaj’ doesn’t believes in showing off and lives life simply. He simplified the genre of songs much in fashion and carried the trend to soothing sufi singing. People who were huge fans of Punjabi mainstream songs fell in love with Punjabi Sufism.

We are not saying this by just observing him on screen but YoungIndia24 got an opportunity to get candid Chit Chat with this amiable and compassionate person.

On being asked why he chose this kind of singing he says, “I have been professionally singing since 1998-99 and since that I wanted to try deep and serious shayari while considering all the minute details of shayari and wanted to sing while sitting.”

When he was asked the mantra he would like to give to all the upcoming singers he says, “There is no direct formula for success. Hard work is what a passionate person needs. If a person possesses talent, the talent will surely finds its way to its admirers. All you need is constant working to achieve your goals.”

Sharing his experiences on his first popular song Sai he said, “I still remember my Sai song was recorded in a studio on Nakodar road in Jalandhar. Both audio and video was recorded here with simple sound recording equipments. After that it was even recorded in Bombay but people still prefer the previous one. The professional studio limits my singing capabilities but the previous one had my singing pure.”

On listening that people take ‘Sartaaj’ as a well managed singer, he laughs it off saying, “It is the compliment of the decade.” He says planning and preparing irritates him and he does everything in the moment. He said, “Almost majority of my starting lines of songs are written at the time I was standing in front of the mic while I was singing it in studio. As per my view these things put forward the originality of the singer.”

While talking about his past life he says, “I was very naughty as a kid and the first time that I liked a girl was when I was in 9th grade. She was my junior.”

He concludes by saying that, “I don’t own the credibility of my work. God makes a person do something while he resides within that person. I just have a blue pen that runs on a paper and that makes an impact on something or someone. I am what I am by god’s grace.”

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