Men: How To Look Younger

Oct 16, 2014: The concept of “looking younger” is most often associated with women, but there are plenty of men who want to take steps to hide the effects of aging. Whether you are trying to look better for work, impress a lady or feel better about your self, simple changes to your daily routine can help you look and feel younger. By taking the gray out of your hair, wrinkles off your skin or pounds off your body, you can take years off your look. As men are also consious about their looks. So here are some ways for you to look younger.

Step 1: Eat more fruits and vegetables. Many men do not get their recommended daily servings of these vital fruit groups, which have antioxidants to make the skin look young. Eating fish and foods high in omega-3 fatty acids help keep the skin looking healthy. As we all know oily food may harm our body as such way fresh vegetables and fruits will help us to make our body healthy.

Step 2: Use a daily moisturizer as well as a cream with retinol, vitamin C and vitamin E. Dry skin leads to wrinkles and lines, but these products help keep the skin moisturized. Also wear sunscreen on a regular basis, as your skin is damaged by the sun every time it is exposed.

Step 3: White Teeth play an important role in our looks. Whiten your teeth. Using whitening toothpaste or strips found at most drug stores can whiten your teeth by a few shades, which can take years off your look. For a more drastic, albeit expensive change, you can get veneers for perfectly white, straight teeth.

Step 4: Stop your destructive habits, especially smoking cigarettes. Inhareting such things regularly may cause heavy damage to your skin. Smoking is damaging to your skin, teeth and body, and quitting is an easy way to help stop aging quicker. And it hardly effect your health also.

Step 5: Find a hair color that looks good on you. Having a full head of gray hair at a young age will make you look much older than you are just as getting rid of gray hair will take years off of your look. You will want to stay within a few shades of your natural color, as subtle changes most often look the best on men. Colour your hair with trendy colours will also help you to look younger. With colouring Hair styling is equally important in this present era.

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