Mere Angne Mein: Preeti To Go MIssing From Her Wedding

Apr 9, 2016: Star Plus’s popular show ‘Mere Angne Mein’ is going through some tragic drama! While the Preeti (Charu Asopa) – Mohit (Srman Jain) love story is creating problems for one and all, Shanti (Krutika Desai) is leaving no stone unturned in packing off Riya (Ekta Kaul) from the house. Well, the next drama created by Mohit will indeed threaten to spoil the wedding ambiance in the family.

As per the sources, “Mohit’s obsessive love to get back Preeti in his life will get revealed. Just before the Preeti – Vyom (Shresth Kumar) wedding, Mohit will send out the fake message to Preeti that he has met with an accident. And without thinking about anything, Preeti will write a letter to Riya saying she is going out to see Mohit, and will be back before the phera time.”

However, Preeti will be stuck as Mohit would again get into his obsessive nature and will try to marry her, and will tie her up and keep her with him. Preeti’s absence will shock Riya and upon finding the letter, she will go out of the house to bring Preeti back.

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