Movie Review: Angrej

By Young India

Cast: Amrinder Gill, Ammy Virk, Binnu Dhillon, Aditi Sharma, Sargun Mehta, Anita Devgan, Sardar Sohi, Nirmal Rishi, Razia Sukhbir

Direction: Simerjit Singh

Production: Dara Productions

Rating: 4/5

Story: Angrej is the story of Geja (Amrinder Gill), who falls in live with Madho (Aditi Sharma) back in 1945. It was an era where love was treated no less than a crime. The film potrays beautifully, how Geja irrespective of all odds rendezvous with Madho.

However before their love could bloom, a rich man Hakam (Ammy Virk) comes into the scene and blows Madho away from Geja. Hurted, Geja finds solace in Dhan Kaur (Sargun Mehta), who helps him to get back his lost love but eventually herself falls for him.

Review: Angrej is a Romantic Comedy set in 1945 rural India, with a complicated love story at its core. It is shot in various picturesque locations in Punjab and Rajasthan, with special attention to details like costumes, art and the way of life of people in that era.

While most movies set in historical periods, deal with more intense issues like patriotism, violence, preaching values and sentimental themes, Angrej is a light hearted comedy, with the protagonists finding themselves in a tangled love story and spontaneous comic situations, mainly created by the conservative culture of a bygone era and people’s outlook towards love in an orthodox setting.

The society, family and cultural settings of Punjab in 1945 are beautifully depicted in the movie and they contribute towards landing the characters in wacky and amusing situations, creating a rib tickling comic viewing experience. The music of Angrej has already struck the right chord with the music lovers.

Directed by Simerjit Singh, Angrej came with very high expectations right from the day the trailer was released on the Internet. And to begin with the film lives upto the expectations and even exceeds in some parts. Making a period film is never easy in any language but the team of Angrej have been successful in their attempt at making a period film.

Amberdeep Singh, the writer of the film. He’s kept the screenplay water tight and there are very few or no dull moments in the plot.

Amrinder Gill is setting high standards for himself as an actor with each passing film. His work on dialogue delivery and punches has improved vastly which shows his hard work and dedication to the profession. Binnu Dhillon was brilliant as usual. He always does something unique which the audience never forgets and this time also his scenes with Sardar Sohi were terrific. Sardar sohi is playing the role of Aditi Sharma’s father and has played the role to the perfection.

This time the girls in the film were not only a piece of attraction. Notably the 2 leading ladies of the movie are working for the first time in Punjabi Cinema. Aditi Sharma has earlier worked in Bollywood movies, while Sargun Mehta is a household name in TV industry thanks to her roles in Balika Vadhu and many more. Sargun Mehta could be the next big thing in Punjabi cinema. Aditi Sharma has also acted very well. Ammy Virk also makes his debut in this film and he is the surprise package of the movie. He does a fair job.

The credit of all the great acting must go to the director Simarjeet Singh, he has been able to get the best from all the actors.

Overall Angrej is a must watch family entertainer.

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