Movie Review: Born To Be King

By Young India

Cast: Ateesh Randev, Puneet Issar, Sonam Bajwa, Deana Uppal, Ranjeet, Sudhir Sharma and Isha Rikhi, Rana Sodhi.

Direction: Satyajeet Puri (Dabu)

Production: Sudhir Sharma

Rating: 1/5

Story: “Born to be king” follows Balraj, a young man’s journey fighting today’s youth dilemmas in London, becoming popular and gaining things without working for them, because the correct guidance was not available. Flooded with night clubs, partying, romance and getting caught up in the wrong crowd was pretty much his route to disaster. His escapism led him to the traditions of a past once lived and left behind by his father.

Being caught up in drugs on one side and fighting against them with his Grandfather on the other. Finding himself, his reason for existence is the opportunity Punjab gave him. His past was in front of him, drugs destroying his grandfather’s Punjab but sometimes time runs out to make a difference, sometimes you let yourself down, which gives you no way back unless you have real selfless people around you that can uplift your spirits and make you believe in yourself.


Review: Based on the journey of a young man fighting today’s youth dilemmas in London is directed by Satyajeet Puri (Dabu) and produced by Sudhir Sharma. Screenplay of the movie is given by Puneet Issar, Satyajeet Puri, Siddhant Issar and Mandeep Sandhu. The Music is given by Apaghe Indian, Rishi Rich, Harbhajan Talwar.

The direction completely rudderless and he has to share the blame for the poor script of the movie. There are some entertaining sequences in the movie, but they are far and few. The lead actors can’t be completely blamed for poor acting as they didn’t have much to do other than deliver some silly one liners.


But there is nothing to do for Rana Sodhi (Congress MLA) in the film. Congress presently not working in the Politics and the politicians who moves in Punjabi Industry fails to entertaine here also. Most importantly the colletion of the Movie till now is less than 1 lakh.

On the other if we talk about the popularity of movie, no one knows about the release. Even the Punjabi industry was unaware about it. We don’t even notice any promotional activity also. For the reviews when we interacted with youth, they don’t even knows about “Born to be king”. The Movie was like comes and goes.

Overall “Born to be king” Is Not Worth Your Money.

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