Movie Review: Dil Vil Pyaar Vyaar

Cast: Gurdas Mann, Neeru Bajwa, Jassi Gill, Rajiv Thakur, Manav Vij, Raj Jhinger, Meher Vij, Shruti Sodhi and Khushdeep Mann

Direction: Manjeet Mann

Production: Sai Production, kanan Dhawan (Ex. Producer)

Story: Dil Vil Pyaar Vyaar revolves around the life of four brothers. Elder brother Gurdas Maan is the role model for his brothers and he is always ready to do anything for their well being and happiness. Eventually, Neeru Bajwa with whom Mann falls in love with enters their life.

Meanwhile, there is a secret, a lie which has remained dormant for long but returns to haunt them, to wreck their lives. So, how the family copes with it, and struggles to maintain their love and bonds is story of Dil Vil Pyaar Vyaar.

Review: Dil Vil Pyaar Vyaar is Punjabi legend Gurdas Maan’s latest acting venture. The project is directed by Mann’s wife Manjeet Maan and is produced by his own production house Sai Productions. The story and the screenplay of the movie is developed by Dheeraj Rattan. The music and background score of the movie is composed by Jatinder Shah. So, in our movie review, let’s analyse how well the living legend has performed in Dil Vil Pyaar Vyaar.

Script writer Rattan should be lauded for writing a original family drama. The script is expertly written and stands tall in comparison to other masala entertainers. Though Manjeet has also done a decent job in directing the movie, in some sequences her inexperience is visible.

Gurdas Maan who is undoubtedly the main attraction of the movie, has once again given a vintage performance. However, in some sequences it seemed he is past that stage where he can essay such roles. The other lead actors have also performed fairly well.

The music by the accomplished composer Jatinder Shah is very good and almost every song of the movie from ‘Saanu Te Aisa Mahi ‘ to ‘Tere Ishq Ne’ is great. Overall, Dil Vil Pyaar Vyaar is a good family drama movie.

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